Blockchain Platform FLETA will be listed on Bittrex Global

    --  FLETA deposit will be open at 9 AM (GMT+9) 16 November on Bittrex Global
    --  FLETA trading will start at 9 AM (GMT+9) 19 November on Bittrex Global

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A blockchain mainnet project FLETA announced that it would be listed on Bittrex on the upcoming 19th of November.

Bittrex Global is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Liechtenstein, which is a safe and credible digital asset platform with fast transaction speed, stable wallet, and high-quality security level. Also, users of Bittrex International have the same accessibility to Bittrex Global since they can use its services with their original Bittrex International IDs and passwords.

Bittrex Global has been announcing several Korean projects' listings along with its launch to strengthen its position in the Korean market.

As FLETA is known as a promising mainnet project, FLETA is expected to lead the commercialization of blockchain technology. FLETA recently conducted the mainnet performance test under actual operating environment with 28 nodes in 6 different cities globally. The FLETA Team generated actual transactions, and the TPS was measured as the maximum of 14,000TPS. FLETA is a platform optimized to providing and using blockchain-based services for DApp developers and users with its reasonable fee and high-level of scalability.

Meanwhile, with its official mainnet launch on 11th, SendSquare, FLETA's foundation, announced a deposit event along with the listing. Users who deposit during 9 AM 16 November to 8 AM 19th November (GMT+9) can receive FLETA bonus tokens. Participants need to deposit FLETA during the deposit period and shall not withdraw FLETA until 30th November to be qualified for this event.

Participants can still trade FLETA and withdraw BTC during event period.

Deposit Amount and Bonus Rate:
1-299.999 FLETA : 1% Bonus
300,000+ FLETA : 3% Bonus

Details of the event can be found on the Bittrex Global website ( and FLETA channels.

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