HomeValet Offers Real Protection From Package Theft

TYSONS, Va., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HomeValet predicts this holiday season to be the last that online shoppers experience the anxiety of groceries and gifts delivered unprotected to their porch, vulnerable to spoilage, damage, and theft. By this time next year, HomeValet's SaaS platform, smartphone app, and refrigerated, internet-connected device will offer real protection against package theft as compared to doorbell cameras often used today.

Turkey with all the trimmings will be delivered next Thanksgiving to a climate-controlled, locked smart device without shoppers having to answer the door or to permit a delivery person to enter their home (God forbid!). Frozen items will stay frozen, and refrigerated groceries will remain fresh in compliance with food cold-chain requirements. Holiday gifts will be safely delivered, too, out of the reach of the dreaded Porch Pirate. Beer and wine will be delivered unattended utilizing HomeValet's innovative identity verification and digital signature technology. When the holidays are over, shoppers will simply exchange and return purchases by placing them in the device for pickup.

Founder & CEO John Simms says, "HomeValet is the logical solution to the problem of the "last yard" of the "last mile" of e-commerce home delivery. Shopper dissatisfaction with the "last yard" of home delivery is limiting the growth of online shopping, particularly grocery. Shoppers want to be in control of their deliveries.Today consumers feel not enough is being done to protect their packages."

"C+R Research reports 'almost 1 in 3 will have a parcel swiped between Thanksgiving and Christmas'. It is not surprising consumers are anxious about their online shopping experience, Simms added."

Simms predicts, "HomeValet will have a very positive impact on the growth of online sales." He believes, "Relieved of inconvenience and anxiety, consumers will purchase higher-value goods and order more frequently. The online sale of groceries, wine and prepared food will grow explosively."

HomeValet is a SaaS platform connecting retailers, carriers, and shoppers which enables consumers to track deliveries and manage their HomeValet-powered smart appliance from their smartphone app. Retailers and carriers connect to the SaaS platform using a robust suite of APIs.

HomeValet's platform, app, and smart device are being field-tested. HomeValet's smart device will begin manufacture in the second quarter of 2020. A HomeValet subscription and smart device will be sold through retail partners online and in-store. The HomeValet App may be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play starting in 2020.

The HomeValet system and smart device are protected by patent and patents pending. Retailers, carriers, and interested consumers may subscribe to updates at HomeValet's website.

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