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PLAINVIEW, N.Y., Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Bolt seals are a cornerstone of security in the shipping industry. They are a valuable security tool in shipping cargo across roads, oceans, and tracks. The best bolt seals are compliant with regulations put forth by both C-TPAT and ISO 17712, identifying them as both high-security and certified security seals. High-security construction, custom colors, unique numbering, and various model types are all the features of a bolt seal that ensure it will fulfill your business's specific security needs. But how are all of these features leveraged and specifically applied to the shipping process? Bolt seals supplier, American Casting & Manufacturing, discusses 3 different ways to use bolt seals.

    1. Containers: Bolt seals are commonly used to seal large shipping
       containers. Containers are often made to be sealed by bolt seals, as they
       are one of the most reliable sealing mechanisms in the shipping industry.
       Since bolt seals have to be removed with bolt cutters, they are a
       promising security tool for any container shipments, where tampering and
       theft can be high threats to the massive amount of products usually
       shipped in a container. Shipping container doors are usually lined up for
       bolt seal use, so your business can decide if it wants to invest in
       regular metal bolt seals, as opposed to heavy-duty bolt seals or
       anti-spin bolt seals to further enhance your security regime.
    2. Trailer Door Latches: Domestic shipments are often made in shipping
       trucks with trailer-style doors. Though domestic shipping regulations are
       slightly less strict than those that go internationally, many companies
       still prefer to seal their cargo shipments with high-security seals like
       bolt seals. Many trailer door latches are able to fit bolt seals without
       an issue, but others may not be so ideal, especially on older trucks or
       well-weathered doors. For these trucks that may have misshapen holes,
       there is still a bolt seal for them: instead of rigid metal bolt seals,
       flexible bolt seals can serve the same purpose. If the holes line up,
       then traditional bolt seals will work perfectly.
    3. Cross-border Shipments: One of the main reasons bolt seals are so popular
       in the shipping industry is because of their C-TPAT and ISO 17712
       compliance. The high-security classification allows bolt seals to be
       cleared for international customs around the world. A strong and secure
       bolt seal allows international shipments to go from origin to destination
       with minimal risk, making them a reliable and oftentimes necessary
       security tool for any business sending cargo across borders.

Investing in high-quality bolt seals can only bring benefits to your business security plan. Consider your company's main methods of shipping to decide on the best bolt seal style for your needs.

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