KnectIQ Joins WorkSpan - The Leading Digital Platform for Ecosystems

ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- KnectIQ Inc., an innovator in cybersecurity, announced today that they are a network member of WorkSpan, the world's leading digital platform for ecosystems. KnectIQ joins 800 companies that are now part of an Ecosystem Cloud which provides multi-way partnering. In collaboration with Microsoft, WorkSpan allows customers to take better advantage of the growing ecosystem of partners engaged in build-with, market-with, and sell-with motions to accelerate innovation and bring joint solutions to their customers.

"Leveraging a unique and proprietary approach, KnectIQ provides a Trust Environment that enables the secure movement of data. By eliminating threat surfaces associated with current approaches, our technology provides secure authentication for trusted communication between devices, within supply chains and among business partners," states KnectIQ CEO Ken Morris. "In partnership with WorkSpan we will be able to more effectively manage our ecosystem, grow revenue, access new markets, and continue to share our next generation end-to-end encryption technology."

With the integration of the WorkSpan platform, Microsoft Dynamics customers can orchestrate multi-partner and partner-to-partner sales motions and deliver end-to-end offerings to enable improved customer experiences. With WorkSpan, vendors can securely share critical opportunity data with partners and ensure that the right partner activities are triggered by sales stage.

The integration provides a real-time view of partner engagement and contribution with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, noted WorkSpan in a press release. This provides sales teams with a view of the progress of the joint opportunity in WorkSpan. They can also see partner activities and contribution on the deal - customer meetings, development of collateral and PoC, -- and engage directly with the partner teams to accelerate deals.

"WorkSpan has been excited to embark on this integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365," said Mayank Bawa, CEO and Co-Founder, WorkSpan, "Companies recognize that their ecosystems need to be actively managed for growth. Now, we look forward to bringing ecosystem management inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling customers to manage and grow with their ecosystem partners in their respective markets."

Leading technology partners in WorkSpan include Microsoft, Accenture, Dell EMC, Google, Lenovo, and SAP.

KnectIQ, Inc. is a privately held provider of innovative cybersecurity tools. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN since 2018, the firm is also registered to conduct business in the EU with an office in Luxembourg.

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