Certemy Showcases Software for Licensing Boards and National Regulatory Associations at the Council for Licensure, Enforcement & Regulation (CLEAR) 2020 Winter Symposium

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Certemy, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for state and national licensing organizations, will share the company's innovative solutions for Licensing Management, National Licensure & Disciplinary Database Management, and National Exam & Testing Management. Executives in attendance will include Malcolm Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, and Mary Alice Olsan, Vice President of Licensing Strategy. CLEAR's 2020 Winter Symposium will be held Wednesday, January 8, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Diego, CA.

Certemy's licensing management solution helps state licensing boards automate a predominantly manual licensure program or replace a custom licensing management solution that no longer meets their needs. Certemy helps state licensing boards make their licensure programs more efficient, transparent, and agile while reducing the cost of supporting and enhancing their licensure management programs. Learn more at https://certemy.com/solutions/professional-licensing-management-software.

Certemy's national licensure and disciplinary database solution helps national regulatory bodies establish a national database that captures, aggregates, and shares licensure and disciplinary data from and between member boards across state lines. Certemy's national exam and test management solution helps national regulatory bodies create a common, national platform that member boards can use for exam registration, candidate tracking, and score management. Certemy also allows national regulatory bodies to offer their member boards an affordable, easy-to-use licensing management software solution that is pre-integrated into any Certemy-powered national database. Learn more at https://certemy.com/solutions/certemy-for-national-regulatory-associations

"Our mission at Certemy is to help regulators with limited resources automate licensure and disciplinary processes, and share those data across state lines to enhance public protection and help guide national policy and regulatory best practices," said Mary Alice Olsan, Vice President of Licensing Strategy at Certemy. "We're not just a technology firm, but a true partner in regulation and public protection."

About CLEAR & the Winter Symposium
CLEAR is an association of more than 460 agencies, organizations and individuals involved in regulating professions and occupations, with a mission to improve the quality and understanding of regulation to enhance public protection. Winter Symposium is an annual gathering of CLEAR members to discuss innovations and best practices in the application of information technology to professional regulation.

About Certemy
Certemy is the first instantly configurable SaaS automation platform for professional certification, licensing, and compliance management. Our platform automates certification, licensing, and compliance management programs--without custom programming--for professional boards, associations, and employers of credentialed professionals. We help these customers become more efficient, transparent, and agile while reducing IT costs. Unlike custom solutions that are expensive to implement and change, Certemy enables rapid implementation and continuous change at an affordable price. Learn more about Certemy at https://certemy.com.

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