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This downstream energy sector report, Oil Refining Industry in South Korea is a complete source of information on South Korea crude oil refining industry. It provides refinery level information relating to existing and planned (new build) refineries such as insights and forecasts of refinery capacities, refined petroleum products production and consumption, refinery complexity factor and comparison against peer group countries in the respective region. The report also covers complete details of major players operating in the refining sector in South Korea and in depth analysis of the latest industry news and deals.


  • Outlook of Country Oil Refining Industry and refined petroleum products beyond 2018
  • Forecasts of refined products production and consumption along with major refining companies, and operators.
  • Historic and Forecasted Refining capacity and secondary units capacities beyond 2018
  • Key Opportunities and Restraints in country Refinery market
  • Benchmark with five peer group countries on Nelson Complexity Factor.
  • Market structure of Country Refining Industry, companies, capacities and market share.
  • Information on planned refineries such as planned capacity, equity structure, Operator Company, expected commissioning date and project cost.
  • Refined petroleum products production and demand beyond 2018.
  • Refinery level information such as refinery name, commissioned year, primary and secondary units installed capacities along with future capacity expansions, refinery complexity factor, ownership and operator details.
  • Company profiles of major refining companies including SWOT Analysis.
  • Latest mergers, acquisitions, contract announcements, and all related industry news and deals analysis.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Vital source to make your strategic business decisions with our in-depth analysis based on historical and forecasted data on refineries, countries and companies
  • Identify potential opportunities for capital investments in upcoming refineries, capacity expansions and asset investments.
  • Assess merits and demerits of investing in a particular country's Refinery market against its peer group countries.
  • Strengthen your strategy formulation using the key information and data to maximize return on investments.
  • Identify potential investment opportunities present across the Refinery value chain in the entire world
  • Appraise upcoming refineries using our asset level information.
  • Essential and latest information to keep you ahead of competitors by understanding rival companies' business strategies.
  • Make your vital financial decisions using latest news and deals information.

Key Topics Covered:

1.1 List of Figures

1.2 List of Tables

2 Introduction to South Korea Refining Markets

2.1 What is This Report About?

2.2 Market Definition

3 Refining Industry in South Korea

3.1 South Korea Refining Market Snapshot, 2018

3.2 Role of South Korea in Global and Regional Refining Markets

3.2.1 Contribution to Europe and Global Refining Capacity, 2018

3.2.2 South Korea Average Nelson Complexity Factor (NCF) vs. Europe and Global, 2018

4 South Korea Refining Market- Drivers and Restraints

4.1 South Korea Refining Industry: Trends and Issues

4.1.1 South Korea Refining Industry: Major Trends

4.2 Major Restrains of Investing in South Korea Refining Sector

5 South Korea Oil Products Demand and Supply Forecast to 2024

5.1 South Korea Refined Products Demand Forecast to 2024

5.1.1 South Korea Gasoline Demand Forecast to 2024

5.1.2 South Korea Diesel Oil Demand Forecast to 2024

5.1.3 South Korea Kerosene Demand Forecast to 2024

5.1.4 South Korea LPG Demand Forecast to 2024

5.2 South Korea Refined Products Production Forecast to 2024

5.2.1 South Korea Gasoline Production Forecast to 2024

5.2.2 South Korea Diesel Oil Production Forecast to 2024

5.2.3 South Korea Kerosene Production Forecast to 2024

5.2.4 South Korea LPG Production Forecast to 2024

6 South Korea Refinery Capacities Forecast to 2024

6.1 Location, Operator, Ownership, Startup Details of Operational Refineries in South Korea

6.1.1 Refinery Location, Operator, Ownership, Startup Details

6.2 South Korea Total Refining Capacity Historic and Forecast, 2010-2024

6.3 South Korea Refining Capacity Historic and Forecast, 2010-2024

6.4 South Korea Refinery wise Secondary Conversion Unit-1 Capacity, 2010-2024

6.5 South Korea Refinery wise Secondary Conversion Unit-2 Capacity, 2010-2024

6.6 South Korea Refinery wise Secondary Conversion Unit-3 Capacity, 2010-2024

7 South Korea Refining Industry- Future Developments and Investment Opportunities

7.1 Capital Investment Details of All Upcoming Refineries

7.2 Location, Operator, Ownership, Start Up Details of Planned Refineries in South Korea

7.2.1 Refinery Location, Operator, Ownership, Startup Details

7.3 Refinery Capacities of All Upcoming Refineries

8 Key Strategies South Korea Refining Companies

8.1 South Korea Company wise Refining Capacity Forecast, 2010-2024

9 SK Energy Company Profile

9.1 SK Energy Key Information

9.2 SK Energy Company Overview

9.3 SK Energy Business Description

9.4 SK Energy SWOT Analysis

9.5 SK Energy Financial Ratios - Capital Market Ratios

9.6 SK Energy Financial Ratios - Annual Ratios

9.7 SK Energy Financial Ratios - Interim Ratios

10 South Korea Refining Industry Latest Tenders and Contracts

11 South Korea Refining Industry Updates

12 South Korea Refining Industry Deals

12.1 Detailed Deal Summary

13 Appendix

Companies Mentioned

  • SK Energy

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