Periodontists in Moorestown and Medford, NJ, Drs. Mario Canal and Ben Calem, Host First Pinnacle Study Club of the New Year

MOORESTOWN, N.J., Jan. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Respected periodontists in Moorestown and Medford, NJ, Drs. Mario J. Canal and Ben Calem, will host the first Pinnacle Dental Study Club course of the calendar year on January 29, 2020. The course, "The Perio-Ortho Airway Connection," is one part of a series of continuing education courses, hosted by the doctors at Canal Calem Periodontics.

The Pinnacle Dental Study Club is an affiliate of the prestigious Seattle Study Club, a national organization with over 250 affiliates. Their goal is to elevate the level of continuing dental education in South Jersey, as dental professionals can learn new and advanced techniques and apply them to their own practice. Furthermore, this study club promotes a non-threatening, progressive academic environment, where clinicians can discuss and present their most challenging cases and receive constructive feedback.

This course will feature guest speaker, Dr. Marianna Evans, who will discuss how dentofacial orthodontic therapy affects the health, function and foundation of the mouth. Multiple corrective approaches will be presented, including how both periodontal plastic surgery and bone augmentation procedures can improve a patient's orthodontic therapy to achieve the most desired outcome. Attending doctors will earn 2.5 continuing education credits for completing the course and be able to better serve their patients back at their own practices.

This season of the Pinnacle Study Club will feature four courses over the next six months, including:

    --  January 29 - "The Perio-Ortho Airway Connection"
    --  March 20 - "Composite Artistry Simplified"
    --  May 1 - Part 1: "Infection Control and Maintenance of Dental Handpieces
        and Related Instruments"
    --  May 1 - Part 2: "Endo/Resto: Simplifying a Procedural Juggernaut to
        Achieve Single Visit Profitability"

While working with their orthodontic colleagues, Canal Calem Periodontics offers advanced soft tissue and hard tissue surgical treatments to allow for the necessary dentofacial orthodontic therapy. This may include the removal of excess tissue or the augmentation of soft tissue, depending on the patient's orthodontic treatment plan. Through these treatments, Drs. Canal and Calem can redevelop a patient's soft tissue profile to provide the foundation necessary for the appropriate movement of the teeth through orthodontic means.

Those dental clinicians interested in learning more about the Pinnacle Study Club, or for those individuals who have questions about potential periodontal and orthodontic care in Moorestown or Medford, NJ, please call the practice at 856-203-6588 for the Moorestown, NJ location or 609-534-5541 for the Medford, NJ office. Those interested parties can also learn more by visiting the website at

About the Periodontists
Canal Calem Periodontics offers modern periodontal treatments for patients in Moorestown and Medford, NJ. Since 1993, Canal Calem Periodontics has been a resource in South Jersey for providing comprehensive periodontal and implant therapy. Working closely with the general dentist, Drs. Mario J. Canal and Ben Calem strive to improve their patients' oral health and re-develop their dentition, where necessary. Both Drs. Canal and Calem are active in the community through their involvement with Donated Dental Services and The Holocaust Survivor's Program. In addition, their strong belief in organized dentistry has led them both to serve as President of the Southern Dental Society. To learn more about the services they offer or to schedule a consultation at Canal Calem Periodontics, visit or call 609-534-5541 for the Medford, NJ office or 856-203-6588 for the Moorestown, NJ location.

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