Capital Rx Adds IVF Coverage Through Partnership With Leading Fertility Pharmacy Schraft's 2.0

NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Capital Rx (, the fastest-growing pharmacy benefit manager in the U.S., announced today its partnership with Schraft's 2.0, one of the nation's leading fertility pharmacies, to provide superior service and substantial savings for patients undergoing fertility treatments. This Schraft's relationship will provide Capital Rx's customers with extensive support and the ability to purchase medications associated with in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments with significant savings to drive down the average cost per cycle (reported as $22,000 in 2018). Employers have the ability to choose their level of participation including full funding, partial funding or access only.

"Bringing fair cost and accessibility to the pharmaceutical industry is at the core of what we do at Capital Rx. Beyond the Clearinghouse model we launched recently, we are also strengthening our value-add services to deliver a great experience for our members at every stage. We are proud to provide cost-efficient and comprehensive IVF support through the partnership with Schraft's 2.0," said AJ Loiacono, Founder and CEO of Capital Rx. "IVF is particularly important to reduce the total cost of childbearing and encourage female representation in the workforce. We see it as our job to make caring for employees easier for our clients."

IVF medications and other fertility drugs are highly costly and may or may not be covered by insurance plans. With the recent addition of New York, there are now 15 states that have a fertility insurance mandate. Even with a mandate there are normally considerable exceptions allowing employers or insurance companies the option of not covering treatment.

High prices of fertility treatments and little coverage options may put the burden of price on the employee and patient bringing them to choose the less expensive option rather than one associated with the best clinical outcomes. For example, if IUI is selected, the chances of multiple births is much higher. Twins or triplets could add hundreds of thousands of dollars in neonatal care as compared to single births.

"At Capital Rx we promote solid decisions when looking at overall costs and experience. While IVF looks to be the more expensive treatment upfront, the opposite may very well be true when evaluating the total cost of care," added Loiacono.

Millions of American's continue to struggle with infertility resulting in IVF coverage to be the 'in-demand' benefit for women today. More than 500 U.S companies offer benefits that cover the cost of IVF. Among them, 23 percent were new to offering such benefits or significantly enhanced what they previously offered. Overall, 7.3 million women of childbearing age in the U.S. have used fertility treatments to get pregnant making IVF coverage a valuable benefit to offer to employees.

"Schraft's has dedicated years of effort in the engagement and integration with some of the nation's leading fertility clinics to better supplement and support their IVF therapies. We've invested into the technology and support to create patient-centered customer care programs to help them comply with the physician's programs and maximize the value and success in the fertility process," said Adam Hait, CEO of Schraft's 2.0. "Capital Rx shares our mission of driving a patient-centered approach to technology innovation, support services and successful treatment to the specialty pharmaceutical industry. We are excited to expand our services to additional plans with Capital Rx."

Schraft's 2.0 is an optional value-added program and is not required by all employers of Capital Rx.

About Capital Rx

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About Schraft's 2.0

Schraft's 2.0 is a leading fertility pharmacy in the U.S, purpose-built to provide state-of-the-art support services, compounding capabilities and pricing levels and options not available in regular drug stores. Schraft's is proudly accredited by PCAB, URAC, CPPA & ACHC and has earned its status as the premiere advanced Specialty Pharmacy through the integration of proprietary client and clinic technology that has changed the face of specialty pharmacy. For more information, please visit

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