EZECOM and Minim bring Smart Home WiFi and Security to Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Feb. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- EZECOM, Cambodia's premium internet provider, today announced the launch of EzeWiFi, a premium WiFi system powered by Minim. Planned for release in March of 2020, EzeWiFi will deliver high-performance WiFi throughout the home and a mobile app for self care, parental controls, network security, and added privacy. For EZECOM, the solution will also enable new support tools to facilitate faster customer care resolutions and reduced truck rolls.

"EZECOM is pleased to bring our subscribers the next generation of WiFi services to support the smart home," said Ms. Yuni Lee-Heathcote, CEO of EZECOM. "The launch of this solution shows our company's commitment to providing premium communication services through constant innovation and improvement. EzeWiFi combines attractive meshed WiFi devices with a powerfully simple mobile app. With EzeWiFi, our subscribers will be able to personalize and secure their network at an affordable price point thanks to our technology partner, Minim."

Minim is an AI-driven WiFi management and security platform for the smart home. With freedom of CPE choice, Minim's automated network healing and usable applications have helped operators increase customer satisfaction and retention while reducing support calls and truck rolls by as much as 50%.

"We are proud to have been selected by EZECOM for this product," said Minim CEO Gray Chynoweth. "Asia Pacific is predicted to outgrow other smart home markets by 2030. As such, it's clear that EZECOM is a forward-thinking service provider with their subscribers' best interests in mind. We can't wait to see EzeWiFi in the homes of many."

Launched in 2007, EZECOM was founded to serve the rapidly expanding enterprise and residence user markets in Cambodia. The company has incorporated its own fibre optic, VPLS, MPLS and a custom-built, world-class data centre. Recognizing the need for high quality, hassle-free, reliable internet services, EZECOM invested in a multitude of high quality infrastructures, including the first submarine cable system in Cambodian history that now positions Cambodia as a gateway to Asia.

For more information about EZECOM, visit https://www.ezecom.com.kh.

EZECOM was launched in 2007 to serve the rapidly expanding internet market in Cambodia. We are a leading provider of innovative communication services, mainly in quality fiber optic internet connection, but also a whole host of other internet-based VAS solutions and web hosting. EZECOM also provides world-class data center services with a comprehensive fibre optic network, the latest connectivity technology, and we have been serving both the enterprise and SME market in Cambodia for many years, which has propelled us to become one of Cambodia's leading providers of ICT solutions and service.

About Minim
Minim is a cloud WiFi management platform that enables and secures a better-connected home. Minim's Software as a Service (SaaS) helps operators increase revenue and reduce support costs by offering a premium managed WiFi service to their subscribers via customer premise equipment of their choosing. Subscribers benefit from best-in-class customer support, an easy-to-use mobile app, parental controls, AI-powered network recommendations, and more. The company is now partnering with service providers and consumer device manufacturers who want to help make home connectivity as safe and reliable as drinking water. To learn more, visit https://www.minim.co.