aicas Advances IoT Software Management with Embedded Device Portal

KARLSRUHE, Germany, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- aicas GmbH today unveiled JamaicaPortal as a first platform for efficiently managing the software that runs embedded systems in connected, IoT device environments.

JamaicaPortal enables businesses to look beyond data collection and discover the full value of the Internet of Things (IoT), by managing not just the data coming in from devices, but also monitoring and continually adapting their behavior to the task at hand.

"JamaicaPortal simplifies complex IoT system management. It provides controlled access to the software in each device, enabling each of them to adapt based on knowledge gained from live data analysis, as well as with the latest protection against security threats in dynamic connectivity environments," said Dr. James J. Hunt, CEO and CTO of aicas GmbH. "Independent of industry, scale, and use case, aicas delivers seamless device and OT system control for high-performance and flexibility, without sacrificing security."

As the latest product from aicas' portfolio of JamaicaVM-based technologies, JamaicaPortal includes DevOps tools and concepts within a device software management system for automated and immediate supervision, control, configuration, and management of fully integrated IoT environments. JamaicaPortal brings IT best practices and processes like service, release and deployment management as well as problem and incident management, to embedded software-defined IoT systems. JamaicaPortal is built with the DNA of aicas' JamaicaVM, the only Java virtual machine with nearly 20 years' of proven success supporting realtime, critical IoT, and embedded system requirements. Jamaica-based products enable intelligent connectivity within the software stacks of 20 million automotive, transportation, logistics, and industrial applications that have shipped to customers globally, to-date.

Supported by an online dashboard, JamaicaPortal enables on-the-fly user configurations based on unique requirements, such as load or function, and the ability to set rules-based, automated reconfiguration. Designed to meet the needs of both small scale environments and enterprise-wide deployments, JamaicaPortal's modularity enables full hardware, software, and embedded integration regardless of the hardware and operating systems used in an IoT environment.

With JamaicaPortal, software packages can be filtered, and components can be managed individually or as groups, so that only fully-validated code or services can be used for updating critical systems. Further, developers have tools to distribute, manage, and check the applicability of software components, examine runtime behavior, and protect components against corruption without the need for shutting the system down. The platform provides for scalable, life-cycle management, error diagnostics, and machine learning functions.

To learn more, please follow this link to JamaicaPortal online.

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