Anatomage Introduces Physiology Functions to Digital Cadavers with Table 7

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Anatomage Inc, a leader in 3D medical technology, today announces the launch of Table 7, bringing physiology elements to real human cadavers.

Anatomage is the first company to successfully integrate physiology functions into a real human cadaver. Through the Table 7 software release for the Anatomage Table, users can restore a portion of a cadaver back to life using four physiology tools - Heart Motion, Nerve Connection, Pathways, and Catheterization.

The Heart Motion tool restores the cardiac physiological functions of the cadaver's heart. By simulating the entire cardiac cycle and synchronizing heart rhythms with the integrated digital electrocardiography, the tool can be used to elevate cardiovascular physiology learning.

The Nerve Connection tool interactively displays the cadaver's nerve innervation from the brain to a dermatome, muscle or organ. The tool provides students with the physiological context of the human nervous system, allowing them to locate the nerve root responsible for any stimulus, thereby supporting neuroanatomy education.

The Pathways tool illustrates drug delivery and different physiological pathways on the cadaver. Depicting the physiological mechanism occurring during the transport of chemical compounds, this tool offers visual references of physiology for toxicology, pharmacology, and any applicable studies in medicine.

The Catheterization tool enables users to practice catheter insertion on a digital cadaver. With the Anatomage Table, students can learn how real-life cardiac catheterization procedures are carried out on a living human body, preparing them for medical careers.

Introducing physiology elements to deceased bodies is the first step toward building a digital body that functions as an alive human body for medical simulation and educational applications. Aside from the physiology elements, Table 7 features medical-school level educational materials, including 60 3D real-cadaver prosections with annotations, 400 fully-prepared medical illustration presets, and 3D radiology reports reviewed by real radiologists. The update also comes with additional high-resolution regional anatomy scans, improved quizzing options, annotated bony landmarks, and refinements in the Table's histology-viewing feature such as the ability to compare 4 different histology tissues. Altogether, these technologies bring values that a physical cadaver couldn't deliver to various medical disciplines.

Containing 4 life-size real human cadavers and over 1,000 real-life pathology cases, the Anatomage Table has been trusted and adopted by thousands of educational and clinical institutes worldwide. Now with the launch of Table 7, the Anatomage Table has become an unrivaled healthcare education platform that marks a beginning of an era where learning with a living cadaver is possible.

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