Couple Who Survived Addiction Opens Sober Living House

AMENIA, N.Y., March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hudson House Retreat is a sanctuary from the hectic pace of today's world, where residents can seek lasting recovery through personal spiritual awakening.

The Hudson House Retreat, a sober living retreat for men in Amenia, New York is a short two hours from New York City.

Hudson House Retreat is built on the personal experiences of its two founders, Andre Neyrey, CEO of Blackwood Hospitality and a recovering addict, and his spouse, Samantha Martin Neyrey, a successful publicist who stood by Andre during his long struggle with addiction and relapse. Unlike other sober living programs, Hudson House Retreat looks at both sides of addiction, from the addict themselves to those who are dealing with an addict in their lives.

This is the lifework of a strong and loving couple who were nearly destroyed by the pain of addiction. They are survivors who want to share their story and success with others, making the experience at the Hudson House Retreat truly authentic. Everyone employed by the facility is in recovery and shares their firsthand experience.

Hudson House Retreat offers a supportive minimum 30-day program for those who wish to work toward recovery through the application of the 12 Step Immersion Program. As a 12-Step based Sober Living Retreat, the belief is in a total life approach to long term sobriety. And that recovery requires time, time with other sober individuals, the tools to deal with life's challenges, to create new habits and coping methods to create a clean and sober life. Hudson House is not a replacement of medical clinics. Those with addiction conditions in need of medical or clinical treatment should seek help from medical clinics.

Just two hours from Manhattan, those who participate in the program that Hudson House has to offer will be provided a safe, structured environment with the peer support necessary for long term recovery. The Hudson House Retreat offers off site equine therapy, art and music programs, meditation, sound and breathing workshops. They also have a "Giving Garden" where clients grow produce for local food pantries and a Foster Dog program where they care for dogs from local shelters waiting for their forever homes.

Hudson House Retreat Open House:
4879 Route 22, Amenia, New York, 12501
Noon-3 pm, Saturday, March 28
(Please RSVP by March 21, 2020 to

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For more information about Hudson House Retreat, contact:
Samantha Martin, CEO, Media Maison,, 212.799.6100

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