ATL Communications and Referit Announce Agreement to Merge - Introducing: Proxona, Inc.

BEND, Ore., March 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- On March 18, 2020, Referit and ATL Communications announced the signing of an agreement stating the two companies' commitment to merge and jointly form Proxona, Inc. Referit, a Netherlands-based information communications technology (ICT) specialist in cloud computing for over 10 years, brings essential application and central database design, development, implementation, integration, and cloud expertise and personnel to the new entity. ATL Communications, a leading US-based SaaS provider of neutral toll-free number management, number administration, and local number porting solutions and innovation for over 25 years, carries their operations, client success, marketing, and sales passion, experience, and fortitude into Proxona. Collectively, the two companies gain access to the global marketplace, eliminate organizational weaknesses, and strengthen scalability, while sharing the same core values, core purpose, and goals.

"When we first met the Referit team, we immediately found a common connection. Our collective leaders share a big picture mentality driven by attainable dreams; and a passion to achieve our goals," said Mark Bilton-Smith, ATL's President/Chief Operating Officer. "They were a company comprised of experienced developers - our missing piece towards global domination, and we were the front of the house that they required to grow. Truly, it was a match made in heaven."

"This was a long journey and well worth it," said Referit's Chief Technology Officer, Michel de Gronckel. "Ultimately, what it came down to was whether or not ATL shared our values and our purpose. The Dutch have a pragmatic nature and we hold relationships in high regard, whether they be with our employees, customers, partners, or vendors. It took time to understand and see that ATL also believed that a company should be a family; and an office, a home away from home. Both of our businesses put their employees first and ATL, like us, are dreamers. They challenge traditional thinking and uncover new possibilities which positively impact the industries that they operate in. Sharing in this purpose, this reason for existing, Proxona will drive necessary change and propel industries forward. It's an ideal match; one that will surely inspire growth."

The Greek word Proxona translates to Drive in English; to push forward, to make progress, to advance, and to reach a destination. "It was almost fatalistic. We were Proxona long before our companies ever met," said Jon Wolf, ATL's Chief Marketing Officer. "We don't just build a solution - we design the future; what innovation aspires to be. Proxona will bring Businesses, Governments, Regulators, and Operators closer to technology and, in order to achieve these dreams, we must be the very definition of our name."

When asked on what the single biggest similarity between the two companies was, Mark Bilton-Smith said, "It's pretty simple - people are a company's greatest asset. Taking care of employees first means happier customers which leads to happier shareholders. Referit's executives share this mindset. They choose to surround themselves with learning leaders who are driven by the desire for personal and professional growth. Individuals who love and always challenge each other. Their core values define and guide them, like they do us, and their unwavering commitment to these values breathes life into their company culture. It's spectacular. It feels like we've peeled back the layers of our genealogy and just discovered that we're distant relatives."

Proxona is the culmination of two technology-focused, innovative companies that have been built by telecommunications and information technology experts, responsible for the following achievements:

    --  Over 25 years of Global Telecom expertise
    --  As the first independent RespOrg, we invented Toll-Free Disaster
    --  Over 300 customers using our solutions
    --  The development of central database solutions for customers in more than
        20 countries
    --  Over 500,000,000 people indirectly use the number portability technology
        we have developed for customers
    --  The development of platforms that process over 500,000 transactions per

Poised to capture global Information Technology, Telecommunications Software, and Telecommunications Infrastructure market share, Proxona offers the following solutions:

Central Database Solutions:

    --  Number Portability - central reference database, gateway, and number
        porting application creation, implementation, development, maintenance,
        and support providing Governments, Regulators, Operators, and consumers
        the benefits of implementing and performing number portability in their
    --  Central Equipment Identity Registration (CEIR) - designing,
        implementing, and maintaining a custom database solution for the
        validation of IMEI numbers within a specific country. Proxona's CEIR
        solution allows Law Enforcement, Customs, Regulators, and Operators to
        exchange data preventing lost VAT/tax, privacy risks, reduced network
        data integrity, cybercrime, fraud exposure, and threats to national
        security caused by counterfeit or stolen devices.
    --  SIM Registration - a secure, reliable, continuous, and widely accepted
        solution used to register, modify, and update SIM cards for
        authentication purposes. Associated with a centralized, local or
        cloud-based, SIM registration database, Proxona's SIM Registration
        solution facilitates the seamless integration with Operator and
        Regulator databases.

Information Logistics Solutions:

    --  Process Optimization - custom solutions that eliminate redundancies,
        streamline workflows, improve communication, and reduce operating costs
        by optimizing existing business processes. Proxona identifies
        problematic processes, rethinks their methodology, implements automation
        to revise and simplify, and monitors the performance for lasting,
        fine-tuned results.
    --  Application Integration - custom integration of enterprise applications
        in order to cut overhead costs while bolstering scalability and
        organization-wide efficiency. Proxona's Application Integration
        solutions ensure access to shared data, improves data integrity, reduces
        human operational requirements, and significantly increases productivity
        and profitability once implemented.

Managed IT Services: outsourced business IT management, maintenance, support, and services performed by certified, reliable, and experienced professionals whose main goals are accessibility and best in class support. Real people helping businesses focus on what they're good at.

Local Number Porting / Gateway Solutions:

    --  PortControl - unlike legacy systems built over a decade ago, Proxona
        understands the industry's pain points. Only PortControl delivers a
        frictionless, order-based local number porting experience - combining
        cloud-based architecture, user-driven Agile development, and an
        API-first development philosophy within a single NPAC certified LNP
        platform. The first and only solution powered by one browser tab, one
        login, one invoice, and one support call for all local number porting

Toll-Free Number Management & Disaster Recovery Solutions:

    --  ATLAS Pro - Proxona's SaaS solution providing a suite of tools that
        allows businesses to manage all aspects of their toll-free inventory and
        routing. ATLAS Pro is the ideal solution for businesses looking to take
        control of their toll-free numbers, ensure maximum uptime with toll-free
        disaster recovery, and enjoy all the benefits of becoming their own
        Responsible Organization (RespOrg) within one easy to use platform.

SOURCE Proxona, Inc.