Experts Explain When Should Drivers File a Car Insurance Claim

LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- If a vehicle gets involved in a car accident or in other events that cause damage, then the policyholder is advised to immediately contact his insurance provider and tell him what happened. Depending on the severity of the caused damage, the policyholder can decide if he needs to file a claim. However, many recent studies show that drivers that are involved in minor accidents prefer to handle these situations on their own and not make a claim. No matter what decision they take, the policyholders should always inform their insurance providers.

    --  Policyholders should always file a claim if they are involved in car
        accidents and their vehicles had suffered heavy damage. Even if the
        policyholder is the one responsible for the accident, he still needs his
        insurer's help in order to settle the claims. Drivers can decide to not
        involve their insurers in these situations, but they may get sued by the
        other party that was involved and, in the end, they will have to pay
        huge amounts of money. Either way, the insurance companies will be
        notified and the policyholders can risk additional penalties. Besides
        having their premiums increased, some insurance companies might decide
        to cancel the policies.
    --  Always file a claim if the car is stolen. Drivers will be compensated
        for their vehicle's current market value if they have comprehensive
        coverage. Also, the insurance companies will be notified about the theft
        and they will know they don't have to pay reimbursements if the thief
        gets involved in a car accident.
    --  Don't ignore minor incidents and notify the insurer. Even though it may
        not look bad, the damage caused by bumps or rear collisions can end up
        costing thousands of dollars. Policyholders that don't notify their
        insurance companies in a reasonable amount of time will have their
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