LunarNYC Inc. and Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc. Launch "Mask for Heroes" Fundraising for the Frontline Medical Professionals and First Responders in the Fight Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NEW YORK, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Lunar NYC Inc., also known as Lunar New Year Celebration(TM), also known as LunarNYC, in conjunction with Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc., launches the "Mask Our Heroes" movement to assist medical professionals and first responders on the frontlines in the struggle against 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Due to the exponential increase of COVID-19 cases flooding medical sites all over the world, we hear of horror stories directly from the network of healthcare workers in New York about supply shortages and colleagues taken out of service because of infections. Our heroes are now running dangerously low on protective equipment to keep them safe while doing their job.

The partnership has already identified domestic and international sources for quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) with the first 1,200 N95 masks expected to arrive in the first week of April, closely followed by 20,000 KN95 masks. Expected delivery of these masks to various doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners is expected on April 10th.

Founder and CEO of LunarNYC, Jiang "Jay" Yu, states that, "It is imperative that we assist our medical professionals who are doing their utmost to help stem the tide of COVID-19 but are dangerously underequipped." He added that by "partnering with Nu Alpha Phi, an organization which shares our values of philanthropy and community service, we hope to show a unified and positive response to the discrimination and abuse many Asians have faced since the outbreak of COVID-19."

Gordon Yu, representative for Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc. said, "Mask Our Heroes' mission is to deliver high quality PPE to our frontline heroes. We saw a critical need that resources within our organization can fulfill, and set out to organize the movement you see today. With a team of visionaries and the united support to closer to 1000 brothers, we are able to source the high quality PPE and have the knowhow to move them. Getting the public's financial support is very important, so we can get these much needed resources into our heroes' hands. Thank you."

Mask Our Heroes' Project Lead, Rick Ma, added that, "We have assembled a team of leaders and subject matter experts from various fields -- operations, quality control, sourcing, fundraising, logistics, distribution, and marketing--to develop and execute a comprehensive action plan. We are fellow Asian Americans--many with roots in New York -- but more importantly, we are a united group of individuals committed to making a difference with our resources and vast network. The COVID-19 outbreak has claimed lives and jobs across the world and our organization is committed to fighting the virus in the ways we can."

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to donate and help secure the best quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our healthcare workers. 100% of all donations are tax deductible and will go towards the purchase and donation of medical grade PPE such as masks, gloves, gowns, etc. We are here to ensure the heroes on the front line are properly protected!

About Lunar New Year Celebration(TM) (LunarNYC):

Headquartered in the heart of New York City, Lunar New Year Celebration(TM) (LunarNYC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to empower Youth between the ages of 5 and 25 years old. LunarNYC helps nurture these young individuals through sports and education, while promoting Diversity, Love, Unity, Peace and Prosperity. LunarNYC aims to unite those who love Asian culture under one Global Brand. We empower and cultivate these young minds by putting together educational activities, global conferences, lectures, forums, concerts, food festivals, pageants, mentoring, and special sporting events.

About Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc.:

The fraternity professes to create a bond of brotherhood passed down from generation to generation, including lasting relationships between alumni and currently active members. Externally, it seeks to promote Asian-awareness, as well as to serve as a liaison between the Greek community and the Asian community. This is done through a supportive network of alumni and matriculated brothers who actively engage in participation in community service, cultural workshops and events, university programs, and various other on-campus student activities. Additionally, the fraternity strives to work with various other Greek organizations in an effort to bring unity and recognition to the Asian-American community.

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