Email Advertising is No Joke! PowerInbox & The Motley Fool Host April Fool's Day Webinar to Show How e-Newsletter Ads Drive Brand Engagement

NEW YORK, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PowerInbox, the trusted audience engagement and digital monetization partner for publishers, today announced it has partnered with The Motley Fool to host a special April Fool's Day webinar demonstrating the power of email newsletter advertising to drive audience engagement.

The webinar, "No Foolin' - How Motley Fool Successfully Uses Email to Meet Their Marketing Goals" is set for 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 1. Registration is now open for the insightful Q&A with The Motley Fool's Digital Advertising Channel Marketing Manager Laila Husain, hosted by PowerInbox CEO Jeff Kupietzky.

The conversation will center around how The Motley Fool has leveraged high-quality, strategically placed email newsletter advertising to add hundreds of new monthly subscribers to its highly respected investment publications.

"Being in an email inbox is not necessarily a foreign concept, since The Motley Fool first began as an email newsletter, so placing ads in email newsletters makes sense for us and our audience seems to agree," Husain said. "With PowerInbox, we've seen very good targeting to reach our demographic, and PowerInbox has helped us get placements into not only qualifying financial publications but also publications like 'The Readers Digest' and others targeted to our age bracket."

In fact, a recent PowerInbox study confirmed brand advertisers should be investing in email newsletter advertising to drive audience engagement. Nearly 60% of email newsletter subscribers say they'll click on ads in emails if the content is relevant, and 50% want personalized ads that are customized to their interests.

The new research also demonstrates how audiences' trust in newsletter publishers translates to trust in the brands that advertise within them, prompting subscribers to click and engage. Two-thirds of email subscribers say trust in the sender determines whether they'll click on an ad in an email.

"Trust is a major driving force in engagement and revenue, and it's why making the right match between an advertiser and a publisher is so important," said PowerInbox CEO Jeff Kupietzky. "Brands must choose their publisher partners wisely, and vice versa, to give audiences the relevant content that prompts them to take action."

Kupietzky says that once advertisers and publishers establish this relationship with subscribers, it opens the door to expanding that engagement across other channels, such as web-based push notifications. Contrary to fears that users would be annoyed by push notifications, PowerInbox's study found that 70% of consumers allow push notifications when they trust the company and when the content is relevant.

"This is very encouraging for both publishers and brands," Kupietzky says. "Not only does it mean we have another, highly engaging channel to reach audiences, but it's also primed for monetization. Brands can easily place logos or sponsored content in push notifications to grow awareness and click-thru traffic."

To learn more about how brands can leverage email advertising and other cross-channel opportunities to drive awareness and engagement, register now for the "No Foolin' - How Motley Fool Successfully Uses Email to Meet Their Marketing Goals" webinar, or visit

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