New Delaware firm has integrated software package to help fight coronavirus

OCEAN VIEW, Del., March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- An early-stage firm known as BDC HealthIT based in Ocean View, DE, has developed an e-Agent system for tracking and care coordination of COVID-19 patients. The Coronavirus first capabilities have been built on the LifePulse360 to the Coronavirus first capabilities that provide patients, care coordinators and providers the ability to address and aid the fight of the coronavirus (COVID-19) from a safe distance and tracks the personal and community devastating effects.

LifePulse360 will allow care coordinators to respond immediately to the grave health issues affecting people in need brought on by COVID-19 and to protect workers fighting the virus. Through its patent-pending design, LifePulse360 can help communities coordinate responses to the resulting behavioral health problems and social disruption the pandemic may cause. Now more than ever, communities need field support and outreach to the most vulnerable populations to understand the help they need. The homeless, veterans, seniors, and people suffering from mental health and addiction need "virtual" care. LifePulse360 creates a HELP registry that targets the needs of volunteers and with forthcoming development will enable caregivers of the elderly and disabled a platform to connect with, and care for patients virtually.

"Over the past three years, we have been hard at work developing a platform to help communities, providers and patients fight the opioid epidemic and to enable at-risk populations and veterans get better healthcare. My extensive work experience scaling large IT efforts for the CDC, CMS, Space, Defense and Intelligence agencies has helped inform how I have designed the system to work for local, state and federal systems. I am excited to announce the new features we are releasing to aid in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic will further support our communities in need and advance the healthcare system in this country," says Founder and CEO of BDC HealthIT, John Dodd.

LifePulse360 is a system for coordinating local, state and federal efforts to combat COVID-19 and its growing life-changing effects and to marshal the resources and support available via the agencies and volunteer organizations. LifePulse360 can effectively coordinate the efforts of hundreds of providers, community resources and the stay-at-home patients that couldn't be coordinated with pen and pencil and without timely access to the hundreds of providers and public health decision-makers in the LifePulse360's database.

About BDC HealthIT

BDC HealthIT is the trade name for Dodd Health Innovation LLC, a Delaware based company formed in 2017 to focus on developing a cost-effective, easy to use integrated systems with smart technology to better support care coordination for underserved populations ; particularly complex cases where multiple issues arise from social determinants of health including genetics, behavior, environmental and physical influences, medical care and social factors. LifePulse360 is a patent-pending personalized care coordination platform.

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