More Than 4,300 Polled in Remedy Health Media Coronavirus Survey

NEW YORK, April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Remedy Health Media announced today the findings of a survey entitled "How is the COVID-19 Outbreak Impacting You?" which it culled across its network of trusted digital health brands serving consumers and healthcare professionals. Remedy focused its survey primarily on the estimated 60% of Americans who live with chronic conditions (though the survey drew responses from an even wider audience).

"People who live with chronic conditions are more vulnerable to COVID-19, so it's an even scarier time for them," said Amy Keller Laird, EVP of Brand and Audience Development at Remedy Health Media. "We created this survey to better understand what information our readers need during this challenging time so we can be there for them as an essential and trusted resource."

Compiled by Remedy health editors, the survey featured a total of 21 questions covering physical and mental health, chronic conditions, and general knowledge and understanding regarding COVID-19.

Highlights of the survey include:

    --  77% say they would NOT share if they tested positive for COVID-19
    --  Top 3 worries: Hospitals will be overrun (55%), trigger an economic
        depression (53%), someone they love will die (43%)
    --  Biggest impact on their lives has been friends/family (47%) and
        emotionally/mentally (45%)
    --  More than 65% said they feel anxious, although more than 65% polled also
        said they DON'T see a therapist
    --  52% annoyed when they see people out and about - they should be doing
        their part
    --  54% want clearer guidelines around quarantine; 36% around treatment; 35%
        about how it impacts chronic life; 33% about testing
    --  65% of people do have a chronic health condition
    --  15% have an autoimmune disease; 6% mental health; 8% diabetes; 10%
    --  85% do not think they have symptoms; 12% aren't sure; 2% say yes

For additional resources regarding COVID-19 and chronic conditions:

    --  Diabetes
    --  Heart Disease
    --  Lung Disease
    --  HIV/AIDS
    --  Overall Endocrine Health
    --  Mental Health
    --  Spine Health Issues

Remedy Health Media owns and operates HealthCentral, TheBody, TheBodyPro, PsyCom, BerkeleyWellness, EndocrineWeb, PracticalPainManagement, and SpineUniverse.

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