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CALDERAS CONTINENTAL LTDA., is a Colombian company located in Bogota and one of the pioneers and leaders in the manufacture of steam boilers and complementary equipment in the region.

The Company was founded in 1967 with the technology and ongoing technical assistance of the North American company Continental Boiler Co. located in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., a manufacturer of fire-tube steam boilers. This collaboration resulted in CALDERAS CONTINENTAL LTDA. manufacturing boilers from 10 to 800 BHP, with pressure up to 250 PSI, ideal for liquids (Oil No 2 and Oil No 6 fuels) and gaseous fuels (methane and propane and LPG fuels).

Along with the sale and distribution of machinery and accessories, CALDERAS CONTINENTAL LTDA. offers specialized technical consulting and support services for the selection of steam boilers and hot water systems, as well as equipment installation and preventive and corrective maintenance services.

The Company is certified by ICONTEC under the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certification and the steam boilers and other equipment comply with national and international standards, such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME code, the NEMA code and the Underwriters Laboratories standards. The items manufactured in Europe, such as engines, comply with the related European quality standards.


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Contact info #1

Diana Barbosa
+57 1 438 0011
General Manager
+57 1 224 3043
Calle 65 No. 93 - 26 Bogota D.C., Colombia


Maintenance Services:

  • Conversion of boilers in order to be compatible with:
    • Dual fuel
    • Fuel oils
    • Natural gas
    • Propane gas
  • Boiler repowering,
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance services.

Project Engineering: The Company carries out projects according to customers’ requirements.

Gas Analysis:

  • Measurement of gas emissions,
  • Calibration of burners and boilers of different fuels.

Stress Relief: Stress relief thermal treatment in accordance with ASME Code.

Installation Services:

  • Installation of steam, hot water boilers and other equipment,
  • Thermal insulation of pipes, pipelines and related equipment.


Steam Generation Equipment
Horizontal Boilers:

  • From 10 to 800 BHP
  • Steam and hot water boilers
  • Steam cycle: Two, three and four phases
  • 150 and 250 PSI

Vertical Boilers:

  • Up to 50 BHP
  • 150 PSI

Fuel types:

  • Fuel Oil No. 2 and No. 6, natural gas, propane and dual fuels.
  • Water Circulation Heating Systems:
  • ComfortLine - Ajax Boilers / thermo tanks of 4-36 BHP:
  • For central water heating and space heating
  • Atmospheric pressure

Pool heating equipment: Compact equipment ready for installation for pool heating; non-ferrous structure, BHP 4-36.
Recovery boilers: Equipment designed for heat recovery with the use of incinerators and other equipment.

  • Number of phases: 2
  • Capacity: from 10 to 1000 BHP
  • Working pressure: up to 300 PSI

Boilers for solid fuels: Developed as a means to reduce business operating costs through the use of alternative fuels.

  • Coal - Husk - Palma
  • Wood - Bagasse - Other

Product informational files


CALDERAS CONTINENTAL LTDA. designs equipment and products, according to customers’ requirements, namely:

  • Heat exchangers,
  • Hot water tanks / water storage tanks, made of carbon and stainless steel,
  • Fuel storage tanks,
  • Water supply systems,
  • Cyclones,
  • Water softeners.

Calderas Continental

  • Calle 65 No. 93 26, Bogota, Colombia
  • (57- 1) 438 00 11 – (57- 1) 438 02 14
  • (57- 1) 438 00 11 – (57- 1) 438 02 14
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