Denver Mattress Company is ramping up production of face masks and now distributing face shields in the fight against COVID-19

DENVER, April 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Just one short week ago Denver Mattress Company restructured its manufacturing facility to begin production of face masks to assist healthcare facilities and others across the country in the fight against COVID-19. Now exceeding production of 10,000 face masks per day and climbing rapidly, Denver Mattress quickly realized there were even more medical supply needs that weren't being fulfilled.

Partnering with affiliate company Visser Precision, LLC, Denver Mattress is planning to ship thousands of face shields per week. These face shields include an injected molded head visor with a clear PETG shield clipped to it. With a rubber band on the back of the visor, adjustment is allowed for any head size. "By working with Denver Mattress for distribution we're able to get the face shields quickly to those in need," said Matt Faulkner, the General Manager of Visser Precision.

With their "all hands-on deck" mentality and countless creative insights, the staff of Denver Mattress Company continues to rally around the idea that they can help immediately, both locally and nationwide.

About Denver Mattress
Denver Mattress manufactures its mattresses in its Denver-based factory and distributes them to its own retail stores. By having a single factory, Denver Mattress is able to maintain high quality control standards and deliver a more consistent product at a lower cost than multiple factory producers. Denver Mattress, The easiest way to get the right mattress®.

About Visser Precision
Visser Precision is dedicated to providing high-caliber advanced manufacturing solutions to the aerospace, automotive, industrial and manufacturing industries by utilizing a full lineup of in-house capabilities, including design assistance, engineering, machining, fabrication, 3D printing, inspection and validation. Visit

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