Startup Helps Seniors & Families Dealing With Quarantine

FARGO, N.D., April 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- WalkWise, a senior technology startup and maker of the world's first smart walker attachment, is helping seniors and their loved ones stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With many senior living communities and nursing homes banning non-essential visitors, families are finding themselves more disconnected from their loved ones than ever.

"We have created a technology that enables 'connected social isolation' -- making sure families and caregivers know what's going on with health and safety even when they are unable to visit," states Founder and CEO Peter Chamberlain.

During his education at MIT, Chamberlain started designing WalkWise to help keep his grandparents safe and healthy at home. "I had three grandparents using walkers at the same time, and they all had different needs. Frankly, we had no idea what was going on unless someone was home with them. One day, my Grandma Kathleen fell and was later found by a gardener. I knew we had to do better, and technology was the answer."

The smart walker attachment (a small palm-sized disc) looks like a hubcap and goes on the wheel of an existing walker. It sends activity data and safety alerts to families via text message or the WalkWise mobile app. Families can keep track of walking goals, know if the walker doesn't move, or get an alert if it tips over.

"Because of the coronavirus, many seniors are being forced into isolated situations that are unsafe and disconnected. We need simple solutions like WalkWise now more than ever," said Chamberlain.

The smart walker attachment doesn't require charging and the walker user doesn't need a smartphone. It discreetly attaches to the side of the wheel, allowing them to go about their daily activities without any interference.

WalkWise can be purchased at or on Amazon by searching "WalkWise smart walker attachment." Free shipping and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee are included.

Founded in 2016, WalkWise uses a smart walker attachment to keep people safe and independent, no matter where they call home. Learn more at

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