Major Conferencing Provider iotum says Client Privacy Must Be Protected

Pandemic Raises the Stakes-Trust is Essential

TORONTO, April 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - With countless people around the world turning to audio and video conferencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's essential that they can trust their provider to protect their privacy, says the major international conferencing firm iotum, creator of the popular platform Callbridge.

As a matter of policy, iotum has never shared or sold the data of its clients to third parties. And never will. By comparison, Zoom now faces a class action lawsuit in California for allegedly sending personal information to third parties, like Facebook, without obtaining proper consent.

"Everyone is naturally stressed and scared because of the pandemic. The last thing they need to hear is that their conferencing provider is selling their data without telling them," says iotum CEO Jason Martin.

"They need to trust their provider," he added.

All of iotum's products adhere to the standards of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union's digital privacy legislation. GDPR gives EU citizens more control over their personal data than any other jurisdiction in the world.

Although the largest portion of iotum's clients are in the USA, where GDPR is not mandatory, the firm has chosen to offer its American customers that same high level of data protection.

With increasing concerns about privacy, there has been a surge of interest in Callbridge, with consumers taking advantage of the 30 day free trial, where they find that it offers several privacy-enhancement measures unavailable on the comparable Zoom plan, including:

    --  Security Code: Add a layer of protection. Access is granted only to
        participants with the code.
    --  One-Time Access Code: Apply an encrypted and bespoke code that expires
        after one use.

Mr. Martin said that privacy is an ongoing challenge, adding that no one can be complacent and that iotum is committed to constantly updating its protections.

With its headquarters in Toronto and an office in Los Angeles, iotum serves savvy businesses, charities and consumers around the world, offering high-quality audio and visual platforms with easy to use features. And it is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients.

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