Wireless Provider Twigby Offering 25 Percent Off Plans for iPhone Users

MURFREESBORO, Tenn., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- For many Americans, reducing spending during these unprecedented times is necessary. As you review the cost of your cell phone service, you may think you have to skimp on customer service and coverage to save. Unlike offerings at many other US carriers, Twigby offers affordable no contract plans with numerous benefits allowing you to get the most out of your iPhone.

Traditional cell phone providers have convinced people they need to constantly upgrade phones. With Twigby, that's not the case. If you have a recent iPhone, it's probably compatible with Twigby. You can easily bring your number too. It is more vital than ever before to stay connected with your family and friends.

Twigby's user-friendly online store and app creates a simple sign up process. Customers can get unlimited talk, unlimited text and 3GB of data for just $15 a month (regular price $20). This is a deal that can save customers hundreds of dollars a year.

Twigby plans are also very flexible. If you sign up for the 3GB Smartphone Value plan and realize later you need more data, with just a few clicks, you can roll up to a 5GB or 10GB plan and only be charged the difference in plan price. If you connect to Wi-Fi when available, this amount of data should suffice for all but the heaviest of data users.

You can also use your iPhone's hotspot at no extra cost. If you need to share your phone's mobile data with another device like an iPad, just turn on the hotspot service and connect. Many other carriers charge an additional fee for this. That's not so at Twigby.

Twigby is powered by two of the nation's largest networks. Saving money on your phone bill doesn't mean you have to sacrifice coverage. This is wonderful news for people fed up with their current wireless provider and outrageous cost of service. Plus, Twigby allows customers to use available W-Fi signal for making calls and texting.

About Twigby
Twigby launched twigby.com in 2016 with the belief that the traditional phone service "one price fits all" model was outdated. Since then, Twigby has evolved in one of the nations fastest growing cell phone providers.

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