Apex Information Solutions founder Jonathan Haberkorn expands HXM transformations company to form Intrizen

NAPLES, Fla., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- For ten years, Jonathan Haberkorn has architected enterprise-wide software applications as the founder/owner of Apex Information Solutions. In this time, he has honed the ability to transform organizations and empower industry leaders to become changemakers for the highest good at top companies like American Airlines and Coca-Cola. Fueled by the momentum of leading many client successes, Jonathan Haberkorn has strengthened the company mission and vision with a rebrand as Intrizen. The company's updated name alludes to the calming presence Intrizen brings into their clients' complex challenges and human experience management (HXM) transformations. With an expanded focus on the companies vision to "Multiply Happier Human Connections," Intrizen elevates companies on the four pillars that make great companies even greater: People, Business, Technology and Purpose.

As businesses move forward in these previously uncharted waters, Intrizen is ready to guide the world's largest companies through high-impact HXM transformations. Intrizen believes that "Experience Matters" and has deeply rooted a "People First" thread throughout every stage of the "Intrizen Approach." The "Intrizen Approach" brings the center focus through a human lens, and puts "People First," because that's what matters most. When done successfully, the "People Experience" is elevated, creating positive experiences that span all touchpoints.

Citing Intrizen's industry experience, clients have recently called on Jonathan's team to guide them through previously unthinkable policy and system shifts. Intrizen has always been dynamic and supportive of client needs, leading them calmly through the toughest of times. The current business climate has created an increased demand for this mindful leadership, dynamic strategy and high-impact execution. In a matter of weeks, Intrizen has been able to guide clients through impactful change management solutions, such as: architecting changes in compliance with continuously changing government regulations while still maintaining profitability for those companies; strategic frameworks for leadership emergency response execution; reprioritization of resources supporting mission-critical workflow and interactions; and putting processes in place to promptly bring back millions of jobholders upon reinstatement of regular business function.

Led by a founder that is a passionate advocate for positive change, Intrizen is a team of visionary enterprise software architects adept at navigating companies through high-impact human resources transformations. Understanding the impact of creating serendipitous interactions and leading people through moments that matter, Intrizen is also an HXM partner with a track record of transforming massive companies through integrated efficiencies and streamlined processes. This results in true value for the world, the business, and the bottom line.

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SOURCE Intrizen