Leading Virtual Care Platform for Obstetrics Offers Actionable Guidance to Aid OB-GYNs In Transitioning to Remote Care

WASHINGTON, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- As providers are increasingly turning to virtual care solutions to monitor their patients amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Babyscripts, the leading virtual care platform for obstetrics, is providing OB-GYNs with a Virtual Maternity Care Playbook that offers in-depth tips on best practices, guidance on implementation, and important resources for OB-GYNs transitioning to virtual care during the pandemic and beyond. The resource is available by request here.

The goal of the Virtual Maternity Care Playbook is to share what Babyscripts' clinical partners are doing in response to the need for social distancing and reduced in-person interaction, to help other practices safely transition care out of the clinic. This playbook has been reviewed by members of the Babyscripts medical advisory committee of OB-GYNs and healthcare leaders.

Drawing on six years of experience in the space and the experience of providers on the frontlines of health technology adoption, Babyscripts' Virtual Maternity Care Playbook is a best practice guide for how to stand up virtual care solutions in a condensed time frame, as well as direction on how practices should be thinking about this important transition to virtual care, including the following:

    --  Alternate 4 and 5 visit schedule templates that Babyscripts customers
        have adopted in their practices with detailed recommendations.
    --  Reimbursement guidance for implementing virtual solutions.
    --  Recommendations for patient education and data point collection in
        between in-person visits, to support patients and better identify
        moments of risk.
    --  Best practices for virtual care for high risk patients, including those
        at heightened risk for diabetes and blood pressure related
    --  Recommendations for implementing telemedicine, video visits.

Babyscripts recently announced that they are working with OB-GYN practices nationwide to implement dramatically revised in-person office visits from the standard 12-14 down to 4-6, keeping expecting moms out of the clinic through the use of remote monitoring solutions and digital tools. The Virtual Maternity Care Playbook offers guidance for OB-GYN practices looking to make similar transitions.

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