Fraser Virtual Therapy Supports Autism, Mental Health, Special Needs in the Home

RICHFIELD, Minn., April 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- During a crisis, existing mental health issues don't suddenly go away. In fact, they often heighten. Anxiety, depression, worry, and stress, combined with the social isolation that many are facing right now equals the need for more support than ever.

To respond to these needs, Fraser has expanded its telehealth services to provide therapy in the home for individuals and families managing autism, mental health, and special needs. Telehealth services are delivered via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Families who do not have access to video-enabled communication can be served by telephone.

"Telehealth puts the therapists in our everyday life at home, allowing them to see different behaviors they may not see when my boys are in the clinic," says Ashely Bettis, a mother of Fraser clients who receive telehealth services. "It has been a wonderful, eye-opening experience. Telehealth allows us to work together on the best treatment plan possible, so my boys can continue to learn and grow."

Fraser is currently offering a variety of services through telehealth, including individual and family therapy, family consults, parent coaching, intensive autism services, adult mental health, pediatric therapy, and waiver case management. Diagnostic assessments and evaluations are still offered in-clinic, by appointment. Community living programs continue 24-hour service, as usual.

For more information on Fraser telehealth services, visit or call 612-767-7222.

     Nancy Baldrica

     Vice President Marketing & Development



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