Assembled Brands Announces $3M Financing of Premium Footwear Brand, Samuel Hubbard

Today, Assembled Brands announced the closing of a $3 million credit facility for the Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company. With this partnership, the California-based premium footwear brand will continue to scale its business and build its audience.

The Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company, founded in 2013 by Bruce Katz, is an American footwear brand designed in Mill Valley, CA and meticulously crafted in Portugal. A co-founder of Rockport Shoe Company, Katz founded Samuel Hubbard to continue his family’s legacy designing and marketing premium footwear. Hubbard’s are sold throughout the U.S. as well as in Sweden, Finland, Holland, and Belgium, and have been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone.

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Samuel Hubbard to the AB portfolio,” said Michael Lipkin, President & COO at Assembled Brands. “Our facility will provide Samuel Hubbard the stability and resources necessary to scale its visibly impressive growth trajectory to date.”

Bruce Katz, Founder & CEO of Samuel Hubbard, added, “We are pleased to be working with a ‘bank’ that understands the Direct to Consumer marketplace. With this credit line, which was established in early February, we will be able to keep up the pace of our new product development effort which fuels our growth over time.”

Samuel Hubbard will join a portfolio at Assembled Brands that includes a number of high-profile consumer brands, including Khaite, Juneshine, Felix Gray, and Richer Poorer, among others. In the past eight weeks, Assembled Brands announced a series of high-profile financings, including a $4 million credit facility with QALO, a $1.5 million facility with Koral, and a $1 million facility with Wandering Bear.

About Assembled Brands

Assembled Brands provides rapid financing, business insights, and an unrivaled network to grow consumer brands. Operating in tandem, these three pillars present a novel opportunity to provide alternatives to traditional venture financing.

About Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard shoes are widely acclaimed to be the most comfortable shoes on the market. With over 85 years of family legacy experience in shoemaking and a lifetime of adventure informing his designs, Bruce Katz, the co-founder of Rockport, founded Samuel Hubbard to create shoes that are luxuriously handcrafted and engineered to be the ideal walking shoes for active men and women.