Planswell helps Advisors serve clients from home

Remote financial planning system now available to 200,000 Canadian advisors.

TORONTO, April 23, 2020 /CNW/ - Effective immediately, Advisors can offer free financial planning in minutes and support their clients across Canada through

"We've been testing and refining this remote planning system with advisors across four countries for the past two years" said Craig Savolainen, Head of engineering. "After listening to the success stories and international advisors and our own team in serving hundreds of thousands of users, we realized this is something that can add tremendous value to Canadian financial advisors and their clients."

The team at Planswell in Toronto has worked hard to create a unique online financial planning experience that allows users to maximize their investment potential, minimize their borrowing costs, and financially protect their families.

For the first time, it's now available to any financial advisor in Canada at

Canadians need financial advice more than any other time in history. Advisors need new ways to connect with and add value to their clients remotely more than ever before.

"How does an advisor sitting at home manage to create and update financial plans for hundreds of their clients this month? This is what advisors have been asking." said Eric Arnold, CEO of Planswell. "We're sitting on the perfect solution. We've been the experts in remote financial planning for years. If we can make our system available so financial advisors can use Planswell to make a huge difference for Canadians, it just makes sense."

How it works
It only takes about three minutes to create a free plan at Once a client builds a plan, they can schedule a free walk-through with their advisor, who can fine-tune their plan and provide advice on how to make it a reality.

    1. Build a plan Answer 30-40 questions in three minutes to create a free
       financial plan. The questions are easy and can be answered off the top of
       your head.

    2. Walk through the planSee exactly what to do each month to grow your
       wealth, reduce your debt, and be protected from financial surprises. This
       can all be done before speaking with an advisor.

    3. Improve and implement the plan remotely Over the phone or video chat,
       Advisors can guide clients through each step of the plan, to keep them on
       track for their goals, retirement and beyond. Advisors easily update the
       plan and push changes live in real time while speaking to the client.

About Planswell
Planswell uses patent-pending technology to create the most actionable financial plans in the world, absolutely free. We enable people from all walks of life to align their investments, insurance and borrowing with their personal goals and we empower advisors to better serve their clients. To learn more, visit

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