Pluto Electronics Introduces Stylish Self-Cleaning Circle Zero Litter Box

SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Pet-tech company Pluto Electronics is launching a smart, zero-odor, designer litter box: Circle Zero. It is sleek, safe and quiet and can easily blend into any home environment. Its automatic cleaning process and patented scooping technology save time and hassle, plus clean up is just minutes after the cat leaves.

This button-less designer piece is fully functional right after the user plugs it in and uses the raking and scooping method in a circular motion. The patented scoops are tested to last up to 14,600 cleaning cycles, which is about four years. "Based on our creative and futuristic design that suits a modern lifestyle, we wanted to create a litter box that was both functional and stylish," explains Hae Min Yang, CMO of the company. "The goal was to build a safe and sanitary litter box at an affordable price both benefiting the cat and the owner," he adds.

Feature highlights

    --  Patented scoops for bentonite and tofu litter precisely filter out all
        clumped waste into a separate disposal bin
    --  Quiet and safe running with inbuilt safety auto-stop motion sensors
    --  Odor-locking waste bin with a special indicator when it's full
    --  Spacious litter chamber
    --  Modern design that fits any interior
    --  Fits cats up to 15 lbs
    --  All parts can be easily disassembled and washed with water

Every Circle Zero package also includes a mugnloo cat health monitor that tracks the cat's visits and routines. It sends alerts of irregularities and possible health concerns to a smartphone which can be shared with a veterinarian or family and friends.

Any clumpy litter and liners can be used with Circle Zero; there is no need to buy special kinds. It comes with two different kinds of scoops - Bentonite and Tofu Litter. They are both compatible with almost all types of clumping litter. For details, please see the infographic here (also a part of the press kit here).

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo will go live on May 5 to help launch this innovative product.

About Pluto Electronics

Pluto Electronics was established in 2018 in South Korea and focuses on pet-tech products that combine convenience, functionality, and design. The products are designed in-house and are self-manufactured. The company is already known in South Korea as well as Japan and is now planning to enter the European and U.S. markets.

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