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NEW YORK, May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Breethe, one of the most downloaded meditation and wellness apps, wants you to dance like no one is watching. In fact, dancing solo may offer additional health benefits beyond what social dancing can provide. Leveraging the latest scientific research on dance and meditation, and in collaboration with mindful movement expert and international DJ Tasha Blank, Breethe launches today a first-of-its-kind meditative, guided audio, dance experience -- Dance Away Stress -- in the app.

Breethe's Dance Away Stress series -- including Shake Breaks and Move Your Body practices -- is strategically offered in audio, versus video, format.

"We judge or compare ourselves to people in videos," said Breethe co-founder and lead meditation teacher, Lynne Goldberg. "Dance Away Stress helps users release anxiety and let go without thinking about their peers on-screen. This experience is best facilitated with guided, audio-only instruction, and Breethe is truly the first meditation app to approach dance, mindful movement and meditation in this innovative format."

Why Breethe Wants You to Dance Solo & Like No One is Watching

Dancing by yourself and like no one is watching may offer additional health benefits beyond that of social dancing.

This combination of movement, mindful guidance, and rhythmic music may potentially give our brains a break from mirroring -- a psychological concept that describes how we subconsciously imitate the behaviors, attitudes and non-verbal cues of others when in social situations.

Dancing by yourself may remove the psychological barrier of worrying about what others are thinking or doing; our brain is not trying to attune to others.

"Dance Away Stress is an irresistible combination of dance, intuitive movement and mindful guidance," said mindful movement expert and DJ Tasha Blank. "It gives us the space to rediscover how fun it is to truly be ourselves and be with ourselves as we enhance our mental and physical well-being."

Dance Away Stress...and Zoom Fatigue

The Dance Away Stress offering is launching at a critical time. In the isolating wake of COVID-19, a significant percentage of daily life has transitioned online, specifically, to virtual meeting platforms.

This unprecedented deluge of online video gatherings may be negatively affecting our health in terms of a new type of mental exhaustion. 'Zoom Fatigue' is a phenomenon currently making headlines and, according to Harvard Business Review, Google searches for the phrase have been increasing since March.

Dance Away Stress delivers the health benefits of both dancing and meditation, while also providing a timely rest from video conferencing fatigue.

The Perfect Partners: Dance & Meditation

The health benefits of dance are numerous: it reduces anxiety, improves sleep and increases the feel-good hormones of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. It may even lower the risk of heart disease by up to 50% in those 40-years-old and up, according to research from Western Sydney University's School of Science and Health.

Shaking, similar to how animals physically shake off stress, is associated with the limbic brain and helps to turn off the body's 'fight-or-flight' response. Unlike animals, this 'shake' reflex isn't as natural to us and research indicates we may store trauma in the body; 'the issues get stuck in the tissues.'

Dance Away Stress offers users a new way to calm the mind, while physically releasing the body.

If you think you can't meditate because you can't sit still, think again," said Goldberg. "Dance Away Stress combines Tasha Blank's hypnotic music and therapeutic movement technique with our deep meditative expertise, and this truly gives you the best of both worlds. You'll have fun, move your body, and calm your mind."

Dance Away Stress includes:

To launch, Breethe's Dance Away Stress meditative, guided audio, dance experience includes:

Four brief Shake Break practices:

    --  Shake Out Your Sh*t
    --  Wake and Shake
    --  Find Your Groove
    --  Stress Buster

Three longer-format Move Your Body practices:

    --  Get Out of Your Head
    --  Dance Like Nobody's Watching
    --  Dance into Stillness

For a limited time, a sample of the Dance Away Stress content will be available, for free, in the app.

About Breethe: Breethe helps people find inner wellness when coping with real-life challenges -- through guided audio meditations, talks, music and stories. The app helps people overcome anxiety, fall asleep, and deal with daily life stress. Users can download the app on iOs App Store or Google Play. Follow along on Instagram at @BreetheApp. For more information, visit:

About Tasha Blank: An international DJ + dance floor instigator since 2010, Tasha is the founder of NYC's wildest dance party The Get Down, and creator of the viral dance manifesto we came to dance. For more information, visit:

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