BPL Plasma to Join Fight Against Coronavirus

AUSTIN, Texas, May 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, BPL Plasma, a global leader in the plasma collection industry, launched a COVID-19 convalescent plasma collection program in the hope of accelerating a treatment for the deadly coronavirus that has impacted millions worldwide.

Through this program, BPL Plasma will be collecting plasma, a component of blood, from people who have recovered from COVID-19. This "convalescent plasma" contains antibodies that can be used to create therapeutics to treat the infection. Plasma-derived therapeutics have also been successfully used to treat diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis B and rabies for many years.

Research suggests that antibody levels decline over time, so BPL Plasma is asking those who have recovered from COVID-19 to consider plasma donation soon after they are free of illness.

"We are very excited about the potential of these therapies and proud of BPL Plasma's participation in fighting this devastating virus," said Marvin Dyke, President of BPL Plasma. "For years, the medicines made from the plasma we collect have been used to treat patients around this world with life-threating or life-altering medical conditions. Our hope is that through these efforts and the generosity of the donors, we will hasten the development of a treatment."

Right now, BPL Plasma is collecting convalescent plasma in 17 of their centers in seven states, though the plan is to expand the program to all of BPL Plasma's 51 centers in the coming weeks. The participating centers are as follows:

    --  In Texas: Houston (Aldine location), Austin, Bryan, Channelview, San
        Antonio and Wichita Falls
    --  In Oklahoma: Stillwater
    --  In Florida: Clearwater, Gainesville, Jacksonville (Blanding Blvd.
        location) and Orlando
    --  In Colorado: Commerce City
    --  In Arkansas:  Hot Springs
    --  In New Mexico: Albuquerque (Yale Blvd. location), Gallup and Las Cruces
    --  In Arizona: Casa Grande

For addresses and information on a particular center, please click here.

In addition, Bio Products Laboratory, BPL Plasma's parent company, recently joined the CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance. The Alliance brings together leading plasma companies, including CSL Behring, Takeda, Biotest, LFB and Octapharma, that share the belief that a collaborative industry approach, which allows the brightest minds to the exchange information, and leverages resources and expertise, is the best way to confront the collective challenge that we face today. For more information, visit the CoViG-19 Plasma Alliance website.

Because plasma donation takes longer than blood donation, convalescent plasma donors will be compensated for their time during donation. To successfully participate in the program, donors must:

    --  meet all eligibility requirements for plasma donation and will,
        therefore, go through screening steps including a medical history and
        health assessment; and
    --  provide documented evidence of a positive laboratory test for COVID-19.
        In addition, donors must have had a complete resolution of symptoms for
        at least 14 days and have a post-illness COVID-19 swab test that is
        negative.  Donors without a post-illness negative test must be
        symptom-free for at least 28 days prior to donation.

Recovered COVID-19 patients interested in becoming part of this program should visit BPL Plasma's website at http://www.bplplasma.com/beat-covid-19/ or click here.

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