Imperium Jets Adds Four Planes and Increases Travel Brokers by 300% Despite Global Commercial Airline Shutdown

LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Imperium Jets is connecting travel agencies with private jet operators using a unique combination of GDS (Global Distribution) software and high level personalized customer service. Since the onset of the Covid-19 crash in March and the associated economic crash it caused to the travel industry, Imperium saw a 300% increase in demand. These brokers, among them many former travel professionals, have been signing up to save their otherwise greatly damaged businesses, and to provide them with a lifeline from the still active private jet industry.

Part of Imperium Jets' offering is their backend logistical services that a travel agent would otherwise be expected to perform, this primarily includes connecting the agents with an 83,000 strong private airplane operator network, and even offering extra specialty services like 'By the Seat' chartering. Additionally, in order to provide more specialized service, they also have on hand Imperium operated jets. The two original jets are located in Chino, California and are chartered at cost for customers flying in and out of California. Recently they added four more jets to their inventory. Two more in California, and two based out of Oklahoma.

The Imperium team has chosen to operate at full throttle in spite of the challenges posed by the coronavirus. These challenges include suddenly closed airports, changed flight routes, and increasingly challenging time constraints and deadlines. Furthermore, Imperium Jets has adjusted to the new reality by shifting and helping shift travel agent's focus from passenger jets to cargo jets and rescue flights. Imperium Jets has organized and conducted 'rescue' flights, bringing stranded vacationers and businessmen to their native countries from places where there are no commercial options.

"Travel brokers, some with little background in private, are coming to our business because we have provided clear results, they make an average of $15,000 per deal, in a market that's struggling mightily," Revah said. "Moreover our outcomes come from our successfully gauging the needs of the market and more importantly seeing how we can help in these challenging times. This translates to an effort to simplify the entire booking and travel process and to provide especially unique offerings and services which distinguish us." Imperium Jets' increasing access to jets and brokers further enables accomplishing missions that today otherwise would be impossible.

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