Popshap the touch kiosk and digital solutions brand launches covid-19 kiosk with fever sensor and hand sanitizer digital combo

NEW YORK, May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Popshap, a leading self-service kiosk and digital solutions brand, announced today that its Covid-19 fever sensor kiosks are now available for distribution, and its combination ("all-in-one") Covid-19 units with hand sanitizer will be available mid-May. In addition, $50 will be donated directly to Feeding America for each unit sold or leased. Popshap is committing a minimum donation of $10,000, with a goal of $150,000 within the next three months.

"Businesses are pivoting to assist and survive in the midst of Covid-19," said Popshap founder, Eitan Magid. "So did Popshap, which had to transition from digital solutions for live events to something entirely different."

"The components and technology for the Popshap thermal temperature and hand sanitizer kiosks are something we had been working on before Covid-19, but they all came together in these times to make a singular product that is necessary to help keep the public healthy," added Magid.

COVID-19 Kiosk Combo Details:

    --  Available for purchase or lease
    --  Non-contact, fully automated kiosk
    --  Detects body temperature of user standing in front of device
    --  Features thermal sensors from Heimann, a German-based manufacturer
    --  Reads temperature in about 1 second
    --  Allows owners and lessees to set their own acceptable temperature
    --  Includes a verbal warning/success message plus an LED traffic light
    --  Provides an optional facial recognition feature for access control, and
        to allow vetted individuals to store their readings
    --  Integrates with gates, turnstiles and door access
    --  Within hours of launching the new kiosks online, leads started flooding
        in, and within just a few days, substantial orders. Magid saw that this
        could help other small (and large) businesses get back to work, as well
        as those help those struggling with food insecurity.

Magid chose Feeding America after considering the lessons his wife taught their preschool age kids about Passover. There is a part in the Haggadah that invites all who are hungry to join the family Seder meal, and the family remains continually thankful that they are all healthy and have food to eat. Feeding America provides the perfect platform to help feed others while protecting the family amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Popshap was founded in late 2017 to answer the growing need and demand for digital touch solutions and self-service kiosks in retail and other industries. From the start, Popshap was uniquely positioned in that it provides a complete hardware and software solution, giving the firm an industry advantage since so many clients are looking for an all-in-one provider in the digital marketing space. Popshap provides a turnkey solution, not only renting out physical kiosks, but creating the back-end development. The team personalizes projects based on clients' specific requests. Popshap tests products and code as they are developed to ensure an optimal customer experience. Popshap offers add-ons that include a camera to create a photo booth so clients can entertain guests. Additional add-ons include a QR code reader, an RFID reader, or a hand scanner to allow for easy event check-in or to interact cross-platform with a phone and kiosk, as well as a credit card scanner so clients can use the kiosk as a mobile store, charging station, and much more.


SOURCE Popshap, LLC.