Cascadia Motion Releases PM500 Inverter

PORTLAND, Ore., May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cascadia Motion is pleased to release the largest inverter in their product line, the PM500. This dual-motor inverter can deliver a combined 700kW (940hp) worth of peak power to the motors by way of 840V capability and 1400Arms combined phase current. Independent control of each motor allows the PM500 to be utilized on dual-stack motors (two motor cores with singular output) as well as torque vectoring applications, where torque is varied between driver and passenger side wheels to aid cornering.

Not just for motorsports and high-performance cars, the inverter is also applicable to commercial vehicle applications requiring dual powerful motors, high voltage and high current. The Cascadia Motion PM250 is already an industry benchmark among high-power inverters so the motivation behind PM500 was to double that capability while also shrinking into a downsized enclosure and using an advanced heat exchanger.

"Cascadia Motion will continue to broaden our portfolio with more inverters, more motors, and many other complementary products in the future," said Brock Fraser, General Manager of Cascadia Motion. "The PM500 inverter is our new top-shelf inverter that can enable remarkable performance levels on our customers' EV applications. For vehicles in the 500-700kW range, this product really stands out as an ideal solution."

One impressive attribute of the PM500 is its low weight. Being only 26kg, it has world-class power density. To ease vehicle implementation, it can communicate on two CAN busses, uses 12 or 24V low-voltage input, has Cascadia Motion's flexible motor pairing and calibration software, has pluggable high voltage connectors and has an integrated EMI filter.

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