Hydro One Limited Announces Voting Results from Annual Meeting of Shareholders

TORONTO, May 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Hydro One Limited (Hydro One) (TSX: H), in accordance with Toronto Stock Exchange requirements, announced the voting results from its virtual Annual Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) held on May 8, 2020.

A total of 496,414,358 shares representing 83.14% of Hydro One's issued and outstanding common shares were voted in connection with the meeting. Shareholders voted in favour of all items of business put forth at the meeting as follows:

Election of Directors:
Each of the 10 director nominees listed in the information circular for the 2020 AGM were elected as directors of Hydro One to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders of the company or until their successors are elected or appointed:

     Votes For (percent)     
     Votes Withheld (percent)

     Cherie Brant                                       99.92%                              0.08%

     Blair Cowper-Smith                                 99.91%                              0.09%

     David Hay                                          99.92%                              0.08%

     Timothy Hodgson                                    99.91%                              0.09%

     Jessica McDonald                                   99.85%                              0.15%

     Mark Poweska                                       99.92%                              0.08%

     Russel Robertson                                   99.22%                              0.78%

     William Sheffield                                  99.92%                              0.08%

     Melissa Sonberg                                    99.92%                              0.08%

     Susan Wolburgh Jenah                               99.92%                              0.08%

Appointment of External Auditors:

KPMG LLP was appointed as Hydro One's external auditors for the ensuing year and the directors were authorized to fix their remuneration:

           Votes For (percent) 
     Votes Withheld (percent)

         99.91%                                                0.09%

Advisory Resolution on Approach to Executive Compensation:

The advisory resolution on the company's approach to executive compensation was approved:

           Votes For (percent) 
     Votes Against (percent)

         98.08%                                              1.92%

About Hydro One Limited (TSX: H)

Hydro One Limited, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is Ontario's largest electricity transmission and distribution provider with approximately 1.4 million valued customers, approximately $27.1 billion in assets as at December 31, 2019, and annual revenues in 2019 of approximately $6.5 billion. Our team of approximately 8,800 skilled and dedicated employees proudly build and maintain a safe and reliable electricity system, which is essential to supporting strong and successful communities. In 2019, Hydro One invested approximately $1.7 billion in its transmission and distribution networks and supported the economy through buying approximately $1.5 billion of goods and services. We are committed to the communities where we live and work through community investment, sustainability and diversity initiatives. We are designated as a Sustainable Electricity Company by the Canadian Electricity Association. Hydro One Limited's common shares are listed on the TSX and certain of Hydro One Inc.'s medium term notes are listed on the NYSE. Additional information can be accessed at www.HydroOne.com; www.sedar.com or www.sec.gov.

For More Information

For more information about everything Hydro One, please visit www.HydroOne.com where you can find additional information including links to securities filings, historical financial reports, and information about our governance practices, corporate social responsibility, customer solutions, and further information about our business.

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