StudyKIK Announces Casey Orvin Joining the Patient Recruitment & Technology Organization as Senior Vice President of Pharmaceutical Relationships

IRVINE, Calif., May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- StudyKIK, a patient recruitment and clinical trial technology company announced Casey Orvin has joined the organization as it's Senior Vice President of Pharmaceutical Relationships. This addition to StudyKIK's team supplements the company's continued growth and focus on providing the highest level of support for clinical trial recruitment and services. Casey brings years of experience in operational design in clinical trials and a complete understanding of best practices for optimizing and conducting research studies at the site level.

"Joining StudyKIK is an opportunity to connect patients with studies while aligning site-facing experience, and I'm thrilled to join a great team. I will continue to support SCRS' executive leadership through a transition to an Honorary President role. I wanted to join an organization that shares similar values with SCRS, so I can continue to support research sites and patients alike. StudyKIK continues to lead in patient recruitment innovations & technology which in turn has made them extremely successful in decreasing enrollment timelines."

    --  Casey Orvin

StudyKIK, at its core, has been focused on research site enrollment performance and identified Casey as a perfect fit for its senior leadership due to his values of empowering sites, patients, and his passion for efficiency in conducting clinical trials. Through his current position as President of the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), and former executive member of Radiant/ Synexus Research, Casey brings a history of site-focused experience in the clinical research space and understanding on what sponsors need to ensure study success. Casey will be working with some of the industries leading pharmaceutical companies to ensure their trials are set up for success in this ever-changing environment.

"COVID-19 has impacted so many companies including SCRS. Casey made the decision to forgo his salary from SCRS to ensure the organization had the resources necessary to support sites. As StudyKIK has shared in the values of SCRS, I wanted to ensure Casey was able to still support SCRS while working with pharmaceutical companies who are supported by StudyKIK."

    --  Matt Miller

President, StudyKIK

StudyKIK continues to pave new roads in the clinical research space and is excited to add this key addition to their team. For more information about StudyKIK or their technology/services, they can be reached by email or phone at (877) 627-2509.

More about StudyKIK:
StudyKIK is a patient recruitment and technology platform that was founded on patient communities on all major social media channels to increase awareness for clinical trials. Servicing over 3,000 research site users, StudyKIK owns hundreds of social media patient and caregiver communities across Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to connect patients to clinical trials. They have addressed the clinical trial patient recruitment problem by building the technology solutions needed for research sites and pharmaceutical companies to access, manage, and communicate with high-quality patients in real-time.