Marina Owners Can Dramatically Increase Revenue This Summer With 15 Minute Automated Hull Cleaning from Drive-in Boatwash

MINNEAPOLIS, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Drive-in Boatwash announced today an expansion of their hull cleaners to marina owners and operators who are preparing for the expected surge in marina traffic this summer due to COVID-19. As a result of mandatory social distancing protocols, many marina owners have lost restaurant and bar revenue. However, the family activity of recreational boating provides necessary physical distancing and many boat owners working remotely are increasing their time on the water with their work commutes eliminated. Originally developed in Scandinavia, Drive-in Boatwash is an easy way for marina owners and operators to capture more revenue from this increase in marina activity by offering automated underwater hull cleaning services.

It's a convenient, value-added 15-minute hull cleaning service that many marina owners nationwide and worldwide have already implemented. There are multiple existing Drive-in Boatwash locations in the U.S., including Florida, Texas and California and international locations include Sweden, Finland, Spain, New Zealand, UAE and Canada.

"Marina owners seeking to differentiate themselves from competitors and develop an additional revenue stream to compensate for closed restaurants and bars can offer Drive-in Boatwash as a convenience to existing customers while also attracting new customers," said JC Gureghian, Distributor at Drive-In Boatwash in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. "The process is machine-based and automated, environmentally friendly, and takes just 15 minutes."

The automated hull cleaner machine from Drive-in Boatwash carries multiple certifications, including Clean Marina Program, Department of Environmental Resources Management, Department of Environmental Protection, and Army Corps of Engineers. The system also provides the following additional benefits:

    --  It's an excellent way for a marina to stand out from its competitors by
        offering a highly efficient, cost-effective and convenient boat cleaning
    --  Provides marina personnel with a safe work environment - no need to send
        divers into the water and social distancing can be maintained with
        remote control.
    --  No chemicals are used - the system is environmentally friendly.
    --  The system can be offered as an all-season amenity through its use of
    --  Will not harm anti-fouling paint.
    --  Reduces or eliminates toxins being leached into marina waterways from
        anti-fouling paint.
    --  Unlike manual hull cleaning services, it provides a consistent
        high-quality cleaning every time. This provides the boat owner with
        peace-of-mind if their boat is inspected.

The cleaning process starts with the boat being moored in the U-shaped dock. Six rotating brushes, made from high density polymer, adjust automatically to the boat hull. Brush pressure is hydraulically controlled and the machine is operated by a hand-held remote. The brushes move back and forth along the length of the boat, removing all fouling, which is then collected in a large basin beneath for disposal. Each machine can be used for 6,000 washes per year. The system comes in three different sizes.

Contact JC Gureghian at 763-923-4218 for more information or visit or

SOURCE Drive-in Boatwash