Virginia Company Helps Nurses Remotely Monitor ICU Patients

STERLING, Va., May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The new Avitecture(®) APCMS has enabled physicians and nurses at a Federal health clinic's eICU to remotely monitor long-term critically ill patients. Avitecture APCMS is an innovative answer for continuous remote visual and audio monitoring of patients in intensive care units.


Clinics and hospitals worldwide have dramatically increased workloads for physicians and nurses. A Federal healthcare center sought a way to keep physicians, nurses, and therapists safe as they care for critically ill long-term patients in 24 eICU (electronic intensive care unit) rooms who require continuous monitoring.

The Federal clinic faced a shortage of nurses and needed to reduce the use of costly personal protective equipment (PPE). To maintain support similar to their in-person monitoring, the clinic quickly needed a cost-effective, high-quality remote monitoring solution.


APCMS provides continuous video and audio monitoring of eICU beds. Its easy-to-use, modular, and expandable solution puts three cameras, a microphone, and a loudspeaker in each patient's room. The camera can be remotely repositioned to show the patient as well as the patient's monitoring equipment. The microphone and the loudspeaker enable two-way communication between the patient and the physicians, nurses, and care-givers.

Each nurse's APCMS station has two desktop video displays with the ability to enable monitoring six or more rooms simultaneously to ensure the safety and comfort of the patients. Each desktop has a microphone and a loudspeaker for two-way communication with each patient and for passive audio monitoring of the patient. By using a touch panel the care-giver selects the appropriate eICU patient to monitor; a joystick controller provides camera control to view images of the patient and the monitoring equipment.

With APCMS one nurse can now remotely monitor multiple patient rooms. Each station handles three rooms which always are shown on the first video display. The nurse can switch to any other pod of three rooms using the touch screen, which will appear on the second video display. Additional modules for APCMS at the nurses' station enable monitoring more rooms from a single location and with a smaller staff. Patients can also be monitored from remote locations such as another location in the hospital or a physician's home.


Avitecture's APCMS allows the healthcare team to consult directly, quickly, and effectively with bedside physicians, nurses, family members, and patients. The team will be able to monitor and make critical decisions without entering patient rooms as often as they once did.

In addition to saving personal protective equipment and staff time, APCMS will help relieve stress for the frontline healthcare staff when a critical-care eICU is at or beyond its capacity.

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