Leading Implant Specialist in Austin, TX, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw Hosts Webinar on Immediate Full Mouth Dental Implants

AUSTIN, Texas, May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, renowned dental implant specialist in Austin, TX, hosts a webinar on same-day full mouth implant treatments with Noris Medical Dental Implant Solutions. This live event will be held on May 21, 2020. Covering the "teeth-in-a-day" or "All-On-X" procedure, he will examine how to effectively offer immediate and life-changing implant solutions even for patients who are edentulous, or missing all of their teeth.

The course titled, "Are You Tuff Enough?" specifically reviews the scientific rationale for All-on-X style full mouth dental implant treatment and the unique attributes of the Noris Tuff implants. Dr. Holtzclaw will offer many sample cases, review proven suture technique, the Texas 2-Step(TM), and examine prosthetic considerations that should be taken.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Holtzclaw has been highly sought out by respected organizations to provide dental education webinars on advanced dental implant techniques. Over the past month, Dr. Holtzclaw has provided webinars for the International Association of Dental Specialists, the International Dental Implant Association, the Global Interdisciplinary Summit, and Noris Medical Dental Implant Solutions. Currently offering a series of webinars with Noris Medical, Dr. Holtzclaw is also on the Noris Medical advisory board.

As one of the world's leaders in full arch implantology, Dr. Holtzclaw has published over 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals. As a Diplomate of both the American Board of Periodontology and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, he offers patients in the Austin, TX area, and beyond, expert and innovative care at his practice, Austin Dental Implant Center.

Austin Dental Implant Center offers single dental implants as well as full mouth dental implant solutions including DIAsmile(TM), their exclusive, same-day full arch solution. Dr. Holtzclaw and his team, including his associate Dr. Juan Gonzalez, have placed over 25,000 dental implants with a nearly perfect success rate. As a practice dedicated specifically to comprehensive dental implant treatment, Austin Dental Implant Center has the technology to offer precise dental implant treatment as well as long-lasting and natural-looking restorations with their in-house dental lab.

To learn more about the renowned dental implant specialist Dr. Holtzclaw, his upcoming webinars, or his same-day full mouth dental implant solutions call 512-375-0050. To register for his latest webinar visit http://www.norismedical.com.

About the Practice

Austin Dental Implant Center was founded by Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, one of the world's leading authorities on full arch immediately loaded dental implant treatment. Using experience from thousands of dental implant procedures, Dr. Holtzclaw pioneered the DIAsmile(TM) implant teeth-in-a-day treatment concept, which allows patients to receive a new dental implant smile in just one day. With an in-house laboratory utilizing world-class Zirkonzahn(TM) technology, staff oral surgeons, staff prosthodontists, and experienced dental technicians, Austin Dental Implant Center is able to provide industry leading dental implant treatment in one convenient location, eliminating the need for patients to travel to multiple offices, as is required with most traditional dental offices. To learn more about the DIA Dental Implant Center advantage visit http://www.austindentalimplantcenter.com or call 512-375-0050.

SOURCE Dr. Dan Holtzclaw