Clearwater Dental Associates Now Offers Transformative Dental Implants to Dunedin, FL Patients

DUNEDIN, Fla., June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The highly respected dentists of Clearwater Dental Associates provide permanent dental implants to those with missing teeth in Dunedin, FL. Although solutions such as dentures and bridges solve some of the problems related to tooth loss, they do not provide the long-term, customizable outcomes of stable, bone-stimulating dental implants. Because of the life changing effects of dental implants, the dentists of Clearwater Dental Associates offer this permanent tooth replacement solution in their state-of-the-art Clearwater, FL practice.

The most reliable option for permanently replacing missing teeth, single or multiple dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw. The Clearwater Dental Associates dentists utilize their full-service, in-house lab complete with advanced technologies to ensure patients receive the maximum benefits of their dental implants. Additionally, the staff makes certain that patients feel no discomfort throughout the placement procedure through the use of sedation dentistry. They place BioHorizons® dental implants due to their high-quality status. When placed by trained dentists, these dental implants offer extremely high success rates.

According to Clearwater Dental Associates dentist, Dr. Matthew Burton, replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant makes the most sense from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. As he points out, the process is easy and "starts with a simple exam just to take a look at the area or areas that are missing teeth." Candidates for dental implants must have the bone density to support and stabilize the implants. Those who do not may want to undergo bone grafting to improve their candidacy for the procedure. "It's about a five-month process," explains Dr. Burton. "Once it's done, it's the most comfortable way to replace a missing tooth."

Based in Clearwater, FL, the dentists of Clearwater Dental Associates have opened a Dunedin, FL location to expand their service footprint and help patients living in nearby communities. The Dunedin office is also available for patient tooth cleaning, routine check-ups and tooth extraction appointments. Individuals with missing teeth who are interested in dental implants are encouraged to contact Clearwater Dental Associates by calling 727-797-8800 or visiting

About the Dentists
Clearwater Dental Associates is a team of leading dentists serving patients in the Clearwater area for over 30 years. Drs. Matthew Burton, Keith Kiskaddon, Nolan Allen, Maria Hernandez, James Hayslett, and William Spencer offer comprehensive services at two locations, with offices in Clearwater and Dunedin, FL. The Clearwater facility alone holds 17 seats and over 20 team members. Clearwater Dental Associates provides the latest in dental treatments and technology, including full mouth dental implants, Invisalign®, sedation dentistry, general dental care, and an in-house lab. A patient-centered practice, each doctor and team member is dedicated to patient comfort and education. To learn more about Clearwater Dental Associates or to schedule a personalized appointment, call 727-797-8800 for the Clearwater, FL location, 727-734-3321 for the Dunedin, FL office, or visit

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