AlgaEnergy Further Expands With the Creation of International Agribusinesses in Turkey and Australia

MADRID, May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "AlgaEnergy is dedicated to bringing the most innovative products to growers around the world. More farmers are integrating biology and chemistry to achieve better yields and healthier crops," noted Douglas Ry Wagner, Ph.D. and President of International Agribusiness. "Through AlgaEnergy's expansion in Turkey and Australia, we aim to help local markets by bringing our cutting-edge natural and sustainable technologies to promote crop and soil health," Wagner continued.

AlgaEnergy has created its subsidiary AlgaEnergy Biotechnology Industry and Trade LLC headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. It is pleased to announce the recruitment of Mr. Murat Karagoz as Country Manager for Turkey. Karagoz is a highly accomplished, results-driven sales leader who earned his MBA from Galatasaray University and his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Yildiz Technical University. Mr. Karagoz joins AlgaEnergy following his leadership experiences in agribusiness.

According to Mr. Karagoz, "The Turkish government supports sustainable agriculture now more than ever, and farmers are looking to protect resources and find ways to incorporate new ideas in farming. AlgaEnergy technologies are key to successful crop production programs because they deliver unique benefits to crops."

In addition to this expansion, AlgaEnergy has also opened a new subsidiary in Australia, AlgaEnergy Australia New Zealand Pty. Ltd., to support business opportunities in the region. Australia and New Zealand represent key agricultural markets that have created clear sustainability goals for the future. Such high standards of production make AlgaEnergy's product portfolio an ideal addition to the growers' toolbox of solution-oriented products. In establishing our subsidiary in Australia, AlgaEnergy is pleased to announce the hiring of Matthew Carabott as the Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Carabott graduated with honors in Biological Sciences from Latrobe University with a focus on biochemistry and botany. As Head Agronomist in Asia for EuroChem, he managed all technical aspects of the fertilizer business for the Asia-Pacific. Carabott has spent over 15 years in production horticulture and agriculture product and market development. "As an agronomist, I have seen farmers struggle with deteriorating soil health and climate-related stress events, especially with an increase in unpredictable and extreme weather. AlgaEnergy's products provide nutrients and complex natural plant-derived molecules that improve crop health, quality, and yield," noted Carabott. "Both Australia and New Zealand have a strong focus on nutrient use efficiency and improving the sustainability of agricultural systems, and AlgaEnergy has a great portfolio of products that can improve the economic status of farmers through improved crop performance," affirmed Carabott.

Murat Karagoz, Country Manager, Turkey

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Matthew Carabott, Country Manager, Australia

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