With Disruptions Looming the Automotive Sector, Quantzig Brings to You Four Lessons From German Original Equipment Manufacturers to Help You Tackle the Crisis

The pandemic has brought the global economy to a standstill and has left organizations scrambling to tackle supply chain disruptions and manage entirely unanticipated business continuity risks while keeping employees safe and managing cash flow. Quantzig, a premier provider of analytics and advanced data management solutions to Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide has gathered guidance from its automotive industry clients adversely impacted by the crisis. As per the study, the challenge for German automotive manufacturers is to navigate unprecedented disruptions and prepare for an economic downturn while ensuring business continuity.

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Challenges Facing German Original Equipment Manufacturers (Graphic: Business Wire)

Challenges Facing German Original Equipment Manufacturers (Graphic: Business Wire)

The impact of COVID-19 on the automotive supply chains has been widespread with different segments facing headwinds from reduced availability of raw materials and original equipment. Request a FREE proposal to learn how leading businesses are tackling the crisis.

According to Quantzig’s analytics experts, “While the focus of leading German original equipment manufacturers is to stabilize post-pandemic demand, our analysis reveals that post-pandemic sales in major markets will resume but auto manufacturers will be presented with newer challenges and opportunities depending on their manufacturing footprint and exposure to countries with more stringent regulations.”

As the coronavirus continues to spread across Europe, the German original equipment manufacturing sector is one of the worst-hit industries that are taking extreme measures in the form of plant closures to curb its impact. Though the impact of the high levels of scrutiny and digitization is quite evident in the auto manufacturing and R&D processes, sudden disruptions due to the pandemic outbreak have plagued the automotive supply chain. Today the global economy is in a state of mayhem and more so in Europe as German automotive companies suspend work and extend shutdown periods to help the government combat the spread of COVID-19. How should auto manufacturers respond to such disruptions and the fallout from lockdowns and other restrictions, you ask? Book a FREE solution demo for detailed insights from industry experts.

Based on our interaction with market leaders and decision-makers, we’ve put together four lessons that you could learn from German original equipment manufacturers:

  • Address immediate challenges - Focus on resolving the immediate challenges that COVID-19 represents to the industry, your customers, business partners, workforce, and key business processes.
  • Focus on business-critical activities - Identify business-critical activities that can be carried out on an on-going basis even at challenging times like these.
  • Create a contingency plan - Build a comprehensive contingency plan that can help you scale operations and return to normalcy once the situation improves.
  • Reimagine the new normal - Analyze the repercussions of a shift in production & manufacturing and reinvent processes to thrive in the new normal.
  • Talk to our analytics experts to learn how we can help you devise suitable action plans to ensure business continuity amid the crisis.

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