Shmoop Announces Patent-Pending, Student-First Classroom Technology

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Shmoop, the award-winning digital publisher providing comprehensive test prep resources and certified online courses, has announced the release of a groundbreaking, patent-pending, new classroom solution created for students.

This technology, known as Heartbeat, is a research-backed and non-intrusive classroom solution designed to tie a student's emotional health, cognitive position, and background to their ability to achieve academically. Created for grades 6-12, this technology will enable personalized student learning programs while offering educators insights that inform how to achieve critical outcomes through 1:1 engagement strategies.

"Personalized learning has hit a wall. There is a ton of research, but very few tools that enable it to come to life. Schools and educators are looking for comprehensive solutions that simplify the ability to create 1:1 learning environments while creating a school-wide framework that's scaleable and drives outcomes. Heartbeat will do exactly that." says Andy Rahden, CEO at Shmoop.

More than 6 million teachers and students use Shmoop's online learning solutions each month, and Heartbeat will expand their solution-set to enable a truly holistic education that's focused on the whole student.

For educators and parents, Heartbeat will offer insights and engagement strategies for each student that can be used in the classroom to help improve:

Class size issues
Teacher attainment
Student engagement
School safety
Drop out rates
Expulsion/suspension rates
Graduation rates
Test scores

For students, Heartbeat creates a safer classroom environment, aimed at improving:
Stress and anxiety levels
Classroom participation
Content absorption and comprehension
Social emotional health
Grades and achievement

Heartbeat looks deeper into each student as a whole, pushing beyond surface level outcomes like test scores and grades, to help identify which specific factors are impacting each student's ability to absorb new things, achieve passing scores, and graduate. Its research-backed approach moves away from generalizations, bias, and unknowns, reducing classroom stress and anxiety while improving outcomes.

"Today, the majority of competency-based and social-emotional learning programs rely on the teachers to perform 'screening' in order to understand the child. In comparison, Heartbeat moves away from screening and enables CBL programs with a push/pull strategy, giving the student agency and exposure to their areas of opportunity, including engagement strategy recommendations written in a language they understand and can relate to." says Shmoop's Chief Experience Officer, Mike Soldan.

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