100 Years of Maintaining the Status quo is Being Challenged by a Small Swiss Beauty Company With a Fitting Name - RÉDUIT

NEUCHÂTEL, Switzerland, May 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Most of the cosmetics products and staple names known today were born out of the early Hollywood film industry in the 1920s with stars like Theda Bara and her makeup artist, Helena Rubenstein, along with other key figures such as Max Factor, Elisabeth Arden and Eugene Schueller (founded L'Oréal in 1909).


Cosmetics have been evolving together with our society, center-stage, for over a century, but at a very different rate than almost any other product. Mascara is still mascara, lipstick is still lipstick, blush is still blush. Whilst cars still have four wheels, everything else has changed: the motor is electric, GPS does the navigation and computers manage performance, traction and breaking. In any other category, a stagnation of 100 years would be unacceptable on any level, but in beauty it has been the status quo. This is an unfortunate reality. Being one of the pioneers of advertising, the beauty industry has continued to thrive, but without greater focus on which innovations are actually moving it forwards.

Performance is limited with active ingredients oftentimes only present in quantities needed to justify claims. The products are rich in thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilizers that function only to improve secondary effects such as touch, or texture and prolong the shelf-life of products, but that actually hinders the delivery of the actives and performance of the products while unnecessarily adding to waste.

In response, the company has created a unique product platform focused on delivery and effectiveness without compromises, arriving at a stunning solution, the Hairpods(TM) - with 38x better performance centered around magnetic misting, all whist reducing waste by 20x at the same time. "To really innovate, to design products like they should have been designed in the first place, you need to step out of the (beauty) industry, focus on the consumer, and consider all the technologies available today," says Paul Peros, CEO, RÉDUIT.

The company is rolling out a series of new products with its 20-20 campaign, releasing one new product each week for 20 weeks. Today, RÉDUIT is announcing the arrival of its latest of Hairpods(TM), the Volume Mist designed to add weightless volume at the touch of a button, infusing hair with a volumizing, and providing a hydrating treatment that lasts all day. Restoring the hair fiber at its source, the Volume Mist Hairpods(TM) transform fine, limp hair with a weightless and lasting body boost in seconds.


In French 'Réduit' means 'reduced'. We reduce packaging. Amplify results. Reduce time. Amplify e?cacy. Reduce steps. Amplify beauty.

RÉDUIT was created with one vision: to revolutionize the everyday beauty routine. We started in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with the dream of creating truly superior beauty products. From performance to sustainability and user-friendliness, we design products that truly elevate the everyday.

Set on raising the bar for professional and at-home beauty solutions that deliver on one simple promise: enhancing the results and experience while reducing the unnecessary.

For more information on RÉDUIT, visit our Media Center (https://reduit.com/media/), or contact us directly at media@reduit.com

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