Delivery Tracking Advances HemaControl's Hospital Ordering System for Blood Centers

CARLSBAD, Calif., June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the rapidly changing needs of hospitals nationwide for blood products amid the coronavirus pandemic, Airspace Technologies announces a new strategic partnership with InVita Healthcare Technologies to provide blood and plasma centers with time-critical delivery data for hospital partners. The breakthrough collaboration will give blood and plasma centers using InVita's world-class hospital order entry system a new tool for hospital partners to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, and track in real time the status and delivery of their blood product orders. The partnership will save critical time by allowing hospitals to better manage and prioritize resources.

Airspace's first-of-its-kind time-critical shipping platform will be made available to hospitals directly through InVita's HemaControl online order entry portal, allowing overrun hospital systems to opt for same-day urgent deliveries of blood and plasma when they need it. Airspace's automated software allows administrators to track their shipment, so they know down to the minute when their needed blood products will arrive.

"No one should have to delay urgent or elected procedures because the blood they need isn't available," said Airspace CEO and co-founder Nick Bulcao. "We recognize the need for more efficient, transparent transportation of critical blood and plasma supplies from blood center to hospital and we're stepping up to fill the void. We are excited about the prospect of being a part of InVita's extensive network of hospital blood banks and blood centers."

InVita combines industry-leading solutions for optimizing the supply chain performance of blood, plasma, tissue, implants and others. More than 600 customers -- blood centers, plasma collectors, government agencies, hospitals and health systems -- are using InVita Healthcare's 800+ product installations to control supply chain cost, increase compliance, and improve quality and patient safety measures.

"Adding time-critical delivery information to meet the changing needs of our industry, especially in times of crisis, is how InVita can help our customers the most," said Todd Collins, President and CEO of InVita Healthcare Technologies. "Giving our customers the tools to navigate all blind spots during this pandemic, so they have a clearer view of the status of blood product deliveries, is what we can do to support them. We are pleased to partner with Airspace to bring this rapid and reliable offering to our blood and plasma customers, and their hospital partners."

About Airspace Technologies

Founded in 2015 and based in Carlsbad, CA, Airspace Technologies transformed the time-sensitive logistics industry by providing real-time GPS tracking and automating much of the costly and time-consuming delivery process. Through speed, affordability and transparency, Airspace has grown to become the exclusive provider of organ deliveries for much of the Pacific Northwest, as well as a leading provider of aerospace shipments for downed aircraft across the nation - including passenger, cargo and emergency air transport.

Airspace's time-sensitive organ and tissue deliveries can mean the difference between life and death, and help keep healthcare costs low for some of the most vulnerable populations. Airspace's aviation-focused business supports the local, state and national economy by avoiding industry-crippling standstills that can leave people or goods stranded.

About InVita Healthcare Technologies

InVita Healthcare Technologies provides healthcare solutions for complex medical environments. Its solutions optimize supply chain performance and visibility for blood, plasma, tissue, implants, and beyond. All for increased compliance, greater cost control, and improved patient safety. InVita Healthcare has offices in Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL, Chicago and Lake Zurich, IL.

InVita Healthcare's solutions manage the complex blood and plasma supply chain and provide real-time visibility by collection operation, region, division, and enterprise. The integrated product suite manages key areas: hospital order entry, donor recruitment and engagement, mobile drives, collections staffing, product QC, and equipment maintenance.

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