Ottawa High-Tech Veterans Start New Venture Amid COVID-19

OTTAWA, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Ottawa High-Tech Veterans Start New Venture Amid COVID-19

Augmentt Technology, a new Ottawa based venture led by high-tech veterans Derik Belair and Gavin Garbutt, today announced plans to double its workforce over the next 12 months due to strong business tailwinds.

Demand for the company's SaaS management platform has accelerated as businesses aim to reshape IT in order to better manage remote workers and reduce costs associated with the ever-increasing number of SaaS applications.

"The response in the marketplace has been tremendous, and as a result, we're currently hiring," co-founder and CEO Derik Belair said, "We're aiming to bring on an additional 22 full-time employees within the next twelve months. We have been flooded with resumes from incredibly talented people, so we're very excited."

The pedigree of the founding team signals a bright future for the company. Gavin and Derik were founders and executives of Ottawa-based N-able technologies-which grew to 300 employees-and was eventually sold to US-based SolarWinds for $120 million.

Unphased by bearish economic forecasts, they see it as a perfect time to build a new business:

"While the global pandemic is forcing business owners to re-think their business models and go to market plans," said Gavin Garbutt, the company's Chairman, and Co-Founder, "We see a huge opportunity to build a profitable and growth-oriented business in cloud / SaaS services management."

"The potential for Augmentt is huge and we are excited to contribute to the awesome tech community in Ottawa."


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has created an environment where virtually anyone can sign-up for a product and start using it instantly within their business environment. While these benefits are great for users, they can pose significant challenges for finance, operations, and security teams.

Augmentt's channel-enabled platform was designed to help organizations understand SaaS usage, optimize spend, enforce security policies, streamline operations, and make better SaaS decisions.


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