Dynamic Fitness Announces Adoption Of Health Club CRM Technology Solution VFPnext(TM)

FORT WORTH, Texas, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- After conducting an exhaustive review of the fitness industry's leading CRM, marketing, and sales platforms, the multi-unit Houston, Texas-based fitness chain Dynamic Fitness announced they are launching VFPnext(TM) as their new technology platform.

Dynamic Fitness CEO and Managing Partner, Jared Williams, had this to say, "While transitioning technology can be a challenge, the result with VFPnext(TM) is all positive. The VFPnext(TM) system checked off all the boxes we were looking for."

"First, we were looking for a company that we could partner with that could help facilitate our growth and our specific brand needs. One of the most significant determining factors was the ability to follow the complete member journey on a single platform. He also noted the sales task management is "extremely easy" for staff to use, and will facilitate maximum productivity per day."

"We have used three other Industry-specific CRM systems in the past, and I have to say that VFPnext(TM) is by far a superior technology. Finally, the industry has a "legit" CRM from VFPnext(TM). I wish I had switched sooner. We are looking forward to reaping the rewards of this powerful system for years to come."

VFP has been one of the leading developers of technology solutions for health clubs, fitness centers, and gyms during the past decade. The company has thousands of club customers and, in the past several years, began focusing on the development of its cutting edge CRM solution VFPnext(TM) at the request of customers to take advantage of marketing automation, consumer insights, and more.

Daron Allen President, CEO of VFP, shared, "We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Dynamic Fitness to deliver a technology platform consisting of a digital guest registry, marketing automation, CRM, and detailed reporting which provides visibility into staff productivity."


VFPnext(TM) turns touchpoints into sales opportunities and provides complete task management systems for sales, personal training, and staff retention. The solution is customizable to your club's lead and member communication cadence and style. It is simple to use, provides an intuitive user interface designed by health club experts and the leading health club sales systems, Virtual Fitness Planner (VFP). To learn more about VFP and the VFPnext(TM) CRM, visit https://vfp.us/.

ABOUT Dynamic Fitness

Dynamic Fitness is a multi-unit Houston, Texas-based chain of fitness clubs that have been recognized and awarded as the best Health Clubs in Houston for seven consecutive years.

Dynamic provides a gym experience that's beyond friendly, beyond spotless, beyond well-equipped. The brand offers a gym with every amenity members would want in one place: A gym that blows your mind but not your wallet. To learn more: visit https://thedynamicfitness.com/.