EY and Enablon announce Project Emerge to help companies safely navigate the transition back to the workplace amidst COVID-19

LONDON, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- EY and Wolters Kluwer's Enablon, a global leader in Integrated Risk, Operational Risk and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Management software, today announce a collaboration to provide a robust digital solution to help businesses safely manage workplace operational challenges due to COVID-19.

Building off the recent EY Physical Return and Work Reimagined framework and the EY-Enablon Alliance, focused on improving EHS and sustainability management, the Project Emerge solution brings together robust information and advanced technology to assist companies in today's turbulent environment. Businesses are faced with difficult decisions on how to conduct a safe return to the physical workplace. This complex process may require ongoing surveillance, controls and business continuity management through the solution's mobile-enabled tracking of employee health and exposure risks, and detailed reporting and immediate notification of COVID-19 issues.

Developed on the cloud-based Enablon software platform, Project Emerge helps deliver a digital management solution offering guidance and information from reputable sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, along with the capabilities to manage and monitor COVID-19 health and safety risks in the workplace. Available globally across industries, the platform allows businesses to prioritize employee and customer health, build enterprise resilience and plan for recovery beyond COVID-19 in one seamless tool.

Specifically, the features of the cloud-based and mobile-enabled platform provide companies with:

    --  Medical surveillance: Privacy-controlled mobile tracking of employee
        health, including temperature monitoring, testing, self-assessments,
        quarantine, and personal protective equipment (PPE) and fit testing
    --  Job hazard analysis: Analysis of PPE and work practices hazards,
        controls assessments and hazard reporting
    --  Compliance management: Company and governmental COVID-19 policy
        compliance tracing and tasking
    --  Health and safety audit and inspections: In-person inspections including
        work area and work practice, hygiene and cleaning, remote or offsite
        work practice, and post-infection inspections
    --  Event management and investigation: Infection reporting and
        investigation, and shutdown or isolation management
    --  Metrics: Detailed reporting including site risk and exposure
        assessments, PPE availability, infection monitoring and supplier and
        critical supply assessments
    --  Business continuity management: Essential employee and backfill employee
        identification, monitoring and controls

Veli Ivanova, EY Americas Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader and EY-Enablon Alliance Sponsor, says:

"Businesses are facing new and unforeseen challenges to support their workforces and evaluate the appropriate timing and strategies to create a safe return to the workplace and maintain operational continuity. Working with Enablon and EY teams, clients can focus on their top priority - the safety of their people - by using digital tools with a robust set of controls and measures to reduce operational risks, focus on recovery and reframe their future to carefully transition to the new normal."

Taylor Allis, Enablon Vice President, says:

"As a leader in Risk, Operational Risk and EHS management software, we believe it is our duty to support our community and customers in managing the impact of the COVID-19 situation and the road to recovery. Together with EY, we are proud to offer a seamless digital solution to facilitate operational excellence in compliance, inspections, health surveillance, metrics and business continuity."

For more information, visit ey.com/en_gl/alliances/enablon.

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