Energy Research Cooperative completes Data and Systems Strategic Plan

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Energy Research Cooperative has recently completed a Data and System Strategic Plan for Clean Power Alliance. Clean Power Alliance is the largest Community Choice Aggregator and fifth largest Load Serving Entity in California, serving 32 local agencies across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. The Community Choice model provides cities and counties an opportunity to proactively guide and procure renewable energy. Clean Power Alliance began offering service in February 2018 and has grown considerably over the last 2 ½ years.

Energy Research Cooperative working with its partners, Receptyv and Energy Trading Technology, reviewed Clean Power Alliance's current state and aligned data and system recommendations to meet future state business objectives. The strategic plan augments Clean Power Alliance's sophisticated energy procurement, risk management, and financial analysis to meet ongoing challenges in the California energy environment as well as ensure Clean Power Alliance will be able to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the future.

Robert Sherick, Principal Energy Research Cooperative, stated: "Clean Power Alliance provides local jurisdictions the opportunity to make a difference in how energy is sourced and used within their area. It has been a pleasure being a part of Clean Power Alliance's progress to provide local input, efficient energy procurement services, and innovative thinking to continuing to improve the energy industry. I think it is particularly noteworthy that Clean Power Alliance seeks opportunities to procure local and regional clean energy resources and make those projects part of the community."

David McNeil, Chief Financial Officer, Clean Power Alliance said: "We have grown our operations in a very short timeframe. This data and systems plan provided us with an opportunity to evaluate where we are and to develop strategies to provide clean energy, innovative local programs and competitive rates within the complex California energy environment. Energy Research Cooperative supported important planning and discussion."

Energy Research Cooperative supports technology and innovation adoption in the electricity industry. Clients include electric utilities, aggregators, software and hardware providers, and venture capitalists and private equity looking to invest in clean energy solutions.

Clean Power Alliance believes in a clean energy future that is local, where communities are empowered, and customers are given a choice about the source of their energy. Clean Power Alliance serves approximately one million customer accounts and has more customers on 100% renewable energy rate plans than any other electricity company in the country. Visit for more information, including our 2018-2019 Impact Report.

SOURCE Energy Research Cooperative