Verifyii: Touchless Technology for a Safer American Workplace

GREENVILLE, S.C., June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As states across America reopen for business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Verifyii is offering a comprehensive solution for businesses and organizations looking to protect the health and security of their workers and control access to their premises.

Built using military-grade hardware, Verifyii is the first system of its kind to offer both elevated body temperature scanning (EBT) and a vendor/visitor credentialing platform.

"COVID-19 was a national emergency, but society has come together to 'flatten the curve' and prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed," said Brett Kraeling, Verifyii's CEO. "Now it's time for companies and organizations to get ahead of the curve, by detecting health and security risks before they blow up into crises. Our complete package of body temperature scanning and visitor credentialing technology can help America get back to business."

Verifyii for Employees
Employees or contractors wishing to clock-in for work and enter the premises (or restricted areas within those premises) must first check in at a Verifyii EBT kiosk. The kiosk's infrared thermal camera scans the user's body temperature, giving a highly accurate reading within 3-5 seconds.

The system will instruct employees and visitors with elevated temperatures to leave the premises, while maintaining social distancing. It will also notify the organization's human resources department of the situation.

Thanks to the EBT kiosk's touchless biometric system, which can replace an organization's existing time-card system, employees with a non-elevated body temperature can enter the premises quickly and securely.

Verifyii for Visitors & Vendors
For visitors, vendors, and outside contractors, the Verifyii process starts before they arrive on-site. First, they must use the Verifyii app to establish their credentials and prove they are compliant with an organization's regulations. This could include completing mutual nondisclosure agreements, submitting to criminal background checks, and viewing safety videos.

If the visitor/vendor establishes their credentials to the satisfaction of the organization, the app will provide them with a code they can use as part of the contactless check-in process at the Verifyii kiosk. Just like employees, visitors/vendors will also submit to a body temperature scan during check-in, and access will be denied to anyone presenting with an elevated temperature.

By shifting the onus for credentialing from those organizing the visit to the visitors themselves, Verifyii aims to free up employees to work on other tasks. "Verifyii is about unlocking workers' productivity, not just screening their health," said Kraeling. "Why should a factory floor manager waste time checking that a vendor has seen a corporate safety video, when our software can do that for them?"

Technology with a Purpose
Verifyii's EBT kiosk uses military-grade components to ensure the highest degree of accuracy on the market. Complementing the infrared thermal camera is a blackbody reference source that enables the system to screen out environmental "background noise" and provide precise temperature reads, regardless of the setting.

Backing up this leading-edge hardware is a cloud-based reporting and analytics platform, allowing organizations to make both real-time and strategic decisions based on data collected by the system. And because the EBT kiosk connects to the cloud via a cellular connection rather than an organization's own network, it will operate as normal even during system downtime.

"Our thermal cameras are state-of-the-art, but we're not a thermal camera company," said Ben O'Hanlan, Verifyii's CTO. "We're a technology company aiming to give organizations the real-time information they need to protect their workforce from a broad range of health and security risks. For organizations in the post-COVID world, the accuracy of that information could be the difference between failure and success."

About Verifyii
Verifyii co-founders Brett Kraeling and Ben O'Hanlan have decades of experience of providing innovative software, hardware, and management solutions across a wide range of industries. They firmly believe that supporting American public health means supporting American industry and technology. That's why Verifyii has partnered with some of the country's leading technology companies to develop a visitor credentialing and fever detection system that is best in class.

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